The First Words from Habitus #35

Welcome to the Eccentric issue! This quarter we’ve left no holds barred, completely embraced the theme and left nothing to the imagination...

Is Western Australia building a sustainable future?

Change is in with air, but is the future of residential design looking bright?

The era of urban murals is upon us

The urbanite’s thirst for art and design is being quenched by a wave of new works for the public’s consumption, and a review of public art laws could take them from ephemeral to future-proof.

Modular-designed, Mid Century-inspired

Taking a modular approach to architecture, Marcus Browne has developed 'mishack', and in doing so, is providing the benefits of architect-designed homes at a more affordable cost.

Your Chance to Win!!

From Modernism to McMansionism: Why do our suburbs look the way that they do?

New Minimalism

Minimal doesn’t necessarily mean less – or denigrating the idea of more. Here, as David Harrison suggests, it is simply asking us to live a life with more quality.

All the highlights from Art Basel in Hong Kong

The 2016 edition of the Hong Kong art fair saw the city come alive as gallerists, collectors and art lovers flocked in for a jam-packed week filled with big-name and emerging artists, events, discussions and much more. 

Greening Rooftops: Why Should They Be Part Of Our Future?

Increasingly, nature and greenery will play an important role in building our future cities as we grapple with rising urban density while addressing issues of health, wellbeing and sustainability. Linsey Rendell explores living infrastructure locally.

Asia Pacific Shows Its Strength at WAF and INSIDE 2015

In early November, over 2,000 architects and designers descended on Marina Bay Sands in Singapore for three days of discussion and debate at the World Architecture Festival and INSIDE World Festival of Ideas. The Asia Pacific region was well represented, reports Narelle Yabuka

What is a Smart Home?

It sounds great, 'Smart Home', but what does it really mean? How can our homes be smarter? How can we live more consciously? Sven Ehmann, creative director at Gestalten in Berlin, gives us his opinion. He suggests we begin by looking at each word individually: 'smart' and 'home'.

The importance of supporting Australian design

Nobody would argue over how important it is to support Australian design. Not just great for building the local industry, supporting Australian design will only increase the quality and range of design options available to us all

Fiona Spence on Spence & Lyda’s efficiency

Efficiently designed and proudly not mass-produced, Spence & Lyda’s 2015 range is a fun and exciting twist on the ideas of efficiency and flexibility, indelibly imprinted with the hands of the craftspeople involved in their design

How can we change the culture of copying?

In our final instalment, we look at the culture of copying in the interior design industry and how we can bring about change


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