The Arcimboldo Defect

In a world plagued by the incessant search for perfection, Stephen Todd finds that disfigured fruit and vegetables are de rigueur in a mindful kitchen.

5 Minutes With ACME&Co

Meet the winners of our Prodigy Award: Caroline Choker and Vince Alafaci.

Tyler Brulé on Quality of Life

Tyler Brulé on what makes a city truly liveable.

Quiet Kitchens In A Loud World

Habitus spoke with Miriam Fanning of Mim Design about the evolution of the cooking spaces and the beauty and benefits of having an integrated kitchen.

What Does It Mean To Truly Nourish Oneself?

As Habitus #36 hits stands this week we invite you to explore alongside us how design has the ability to nourish us. And with a focus on the kitchen and bathroom, we look at these spaces as reflection of the inhabitants' personality and lifestyle – seeking out the thought behind the process. Here are the first words from the Nourish issue.

Cooking and Design from East to West

How does design impact all elements of our communal and individual living conditions? Habitus asks Gaggenau about the secret to innovating.

The Epidemic Of ‘Stuff’ – Part #4

In the last of her four-part series on ‘stuff’, Joanne Gambale asks where ornament, art and the make-do-and-menders sit within the minimalist ideal.

The Epidemic of ‘Stuff’ – Part #3

Joanne Gambale tells the story of the ancient Hindu motif that ended up on a bottle of mouthwash and other tall tales of trends.

Selling Free Water

Gretha Oost had an epiphany moment in 2012 and decided to rid the world of plastic water bottle pollution. It’s taken five years but, using art and design to inspire social and behavioral change, she has finally launched her first Art Fountain with the help of Zip Water.

The Epidemic of ‘Stuff’ – Part #2

Still on a rant about cheap coffee tables, Joanne Gambale looks at the fantasy and the feasibility of a handcrafted home.

Announcing The INDE.Awards 2017 Shortlist

More than 400 projects, people, products and ideas were submitted this year for the inaugural INDE.Awards, demonstrating the strength and prowess of architects and designers across the Asia Pacific. Want to see who made history?

B&B Italia: Poetry in the Shape

As the year of celebrations for B&B’s 50th comes to an end, they have now released to the public the fascinating documentary divulging the company’s enigmatic history.

The Epidemic of ‘Stuff’ – Part 1

To what heights will the piles of cheap furniture in our landfills have to scale before it all comes tumbling down? In the first of a four-part series on ‘stuff’, Joanne Gambale weighs up three-legged tables against antique lightbulbs and has a few lightbulb moments of her own along the way.


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