Learning to Live Better at Sydney Indesign 2017

We talked the talk at Sydney Indesign this year and boy did we walk the walk. This years’ Habitus, Design Hunter® Seminar Series was a succession of poignant discussions between well-researched and highly informed industry grandees. Here’s what you may have missed.

The Local Heroes At Sydney Indesign

Australian Design making waves at Sydney Indesign. And while we’re not picking favourites, we do have a hitlist…

Just Add Water

Stephen Todd on the glamorous megalomania of clients who wish to reproduce the spa experience at home.

Let’s Talk About The Design Identities Of Australia

On Friday 11th August from 12-1pm at the Cafe Culture + Insitu pop-up in the Tongue N Groove showroom, we’re excited to come together and talk about elements of Australian design, bringing them together and respecting the culture of our compatriots.

Who’s Responsible For The Size Of Our Cities?

Ahead of the Sydney Indesign Design Hunter Seminar Series, next Friday 11 August, Habitus Deputy Editor and seminar moderator Holly Cunneen discusses why Size And The City: Our Developers Have Some Explaining To Do was an important topic to cover.

Travelling Far and Wide for Sydney Indesign 2017

Indesign The Event is on again this August 11-12 and this year, Sydney is playing host. But the attendees aren’t the only ones travelling en masse to take part – here are some of the regional guests we’re excited to see.

The Transformative Power Of Design

The inaugural INDE.Awards looks at social spaces: which project was the most effective in bringing people together in an imaginative way? According to our judging panel, a yoga studio in Sydney that deploys colour, light and texture to create an immersive experience for its visitors.

5 Minutes with… Chang Yong Ter

Meet Chang Architects. The Singapore-based architecture studio and winners of the INDE. Living Space award.

5 Minutes With ACME&Co

Meet the winners of our Prodigy Award: Caroline Choker and Vince Alafaci.

What To Expect From The Sydney Indesign LiveLife Talks

Designing better – and smarter – worlds. Your August, SID17 LiveLife Design Hunter Seminar Series program starts here…

10 Reasons to Join Us at Sydney Indesign

We’ve got some exciting news: Sydney Indesign is just around the corner, coming to town this August 11-12th.

Polishing The Next Generation Of Architectural Gems

The Glenn Murcutt International Masterclass returns with Eco Outdoor for an intensive course guiding Australia’s brightest architects.

The New Open Plan

Are the days of open plan living over? While a complete backlash may be a way off, designers are refreshing traditional ideas of spaciousness to accommodate today’s lifestyle changes.


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