The Art of Lounging with Ryan Lawson

We chat to Ryan Lawson, Head of Design at King Living about the art of lounging.

Gestalten’s Clara Le Fort: Leisure and Travel is Important

Where do we relax? It can be anything anywhere – a quiet stroll outdoors, a weekend away or simply taking a moment to lay back on the couch a home. Here we speak to Gestalten's 'Once in a Lifetime Vol. 2: Places to Go for Travel and Leisure' editor Clara Le Fort about the importance of slowing down and crafting a space for relaxation, leisure, health and wellbeing.

The Art of Lounging with Richard Fanale, AJAR

We discuss the art of lounging with Richard Fanale, interior designer and cofounder of AJAR, a furniture and design studio based in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Habitus & Living Edge explore creativity at Sydney Contemporary

Habitus and Living Edge presented Art, Design and Architecture at Sydney Contemporary yesterday, sparking a conversation about the intersection of creativity with panellists Peter Lin (Artbank), Nick Tobias (Tobias Partners) and Steve Pozel (Australian Design Centre).

Project Profile: Washington Street, Orchard Piper

We sit down with Luke McKie, director of Orchard Piper, to discuss his latest project Washington Street, a residential development inclusive of garden residences, terraces and a penthouse

Five minutes with Urban Walkabout founder Victoria Moxey

Founder Victoria Moxey established Urban Walkabout in 2006 after she saw the need for visual, carefully curated and easy-to-use guides that point visitors and locals to independent local businesses.

Five minutes with James Dawson

Ahead of Sydney Indesign 2015 we chat to interior designer, James Dawson

Five minutes with Stephen Burton, Creative Director of POMO

We chat to Stephen Burton, Creative Director of POMO about their Sunshine Coast studio.

Can we appreciate Design as Art?

No one takes down a painting after two years because it’s out of fashion - what makes design different?

How to properly achieve timeless design

Timeless Design – it’s a term bandied about the design industry almost more than any other. But what is it that makes a design truly stand the test of time

Designing for Local Needs

How important is it to design for a local market, and what benefits are there for designers who keep location a focus

What is a Smart Home?

It sounds great, 'Smart Home', but what does it really mean? How can our homes be smarter? How can we live more consciously? Sven Ehmann, creative director at Gestalten in Berlin, gives us his opinion. He suggests we begin by looking at each word individually: 'smart' and 'home'.

The importance of supporting Australian design

Nobody would argue over how important it is to support Australian design. Not just great for building the local industry, supporting Australian design will only increase the quality and range of design options available to us all

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