In Conversation With… Maurice Terzini

The maestro of modern Australian dining, Maurice Terzini's Bondi Icebergs set the bar high when it opened 15 years ago. With the launch of Da Maria in Bali, Terzini has become an export brand.


The founder and director of Melbourne's Foolscap studio is developing a new market sector she calls "social spaces". And her practice across state lines is further breaking down accepted notions of Australian architecture and design.

Zaha Hadid’s estate worth over £70 million

Details of the British-Iraqi architect’s will have been released, with controversial ZHA director Patrik Schumacher gifted £500,000 as the sole beneficiary outside her family.

In Conversation with… Brian Parkes

After a decade at the helm of Sydney’s Object Gallery, for the past seven years Brian has been pumping up the Jam as the Chief Executive of Jam Factory, Adelaide. Stephen Todd investigates.

Branching Out: Concrete Furniture by Brad Wray

Looking for smart bespoke furniture, Melbourne-based co-director of Branch Studio Architects decided to make his own.

Who Is The World’s Best Female Chef?

Her name is Ana Ros, she’s 44 years young and she hails from Slovenia. If you haven’t heard of her, here’s what you need to know – and where you need to go.

Sandra Tan – meet our Melbourne Editor-at-Large

Fresh faced and rearing to go, meet the newest addition to our team.

Meet the timber craftsman from country Western Australia

Is the age of authentic craftsmanship dead? Western Australian timber designer and maker Nathan Day proves bespoke woodwork is very much still alive.

Who is Jesse Bennett?

In 2013 he established his namesake practice, a boutique architecture and interior design firm built on the philosophy of creating joyful spaces that inspire and enrich daily life.

Patrick and Tamsin Johnson – A Force to be Reckoned With

Cover stars of Habitus #34, the social issue, Tamsin and Patrick Johnson are internationally renowned for a unique design language in the worlds of fashion and interiors.

Joni Waka: Leaving No Stone Unturned

Joni Waka runs a successful art foundation and leads high end art tours in Tokyo, as Belinda Aucott reports.

Design Hunters: Woods and Warner

Sonia and Jacinta meld design and decoration to create beautifully resolved and considered spaces for their clients with a creative approach to colour and an innate fearlessness of combining pattern and texture.

What can we learn from Aboriginal design?

Culture can have a powerful influence on our approach to design so what happens when – as a fully matured adult – you find a whole other side to your family’s history?


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