Artist and textile designer Shilo Engelbrecht

Artist and textile designer on the rise Shilo Engelbrecht gleaned inspiration from Greece’s sacred, UNESCO world heritage site, Delos for her recent small capsule collection Andamento

Design Hunter Q+A: James Pratt of Exit Eighty Six

James Pratt says Brisbane is "vibeing." He also says " Design Hunters will make their own mark and follow their own movement." We think he's spot on.

Design Hunter Q+A: Peter and Åsa of Phoebe Lamps

Their favourite functional product is the tooth brush. They make lamps. Here we speak to Peter Harding & Åsa Jonasson of the wonderful Phoebe Lamps.

Design Hunter Q+A: Diego Molina & Maria Arango of Ong&Ong

Diego and Maria are the architects behind Ong & Ong, Singapore-based architect firm. We have a chat.

Design Hunter Q+A: Studio Pardon

With their home as their studio, their studio their home, the Studio Pardon, Lise and Ben, are a true Design Hunters. Here we talk teddy bears and pastry, not sitting and the DAA...

Design Hunter Q+A: Sally Taylor

With their relatively new recycled timber furniture business Timbermill growing steadily, director Sally Taylor is suitably inspired. She loves fresh flowers, Japanese food, and champagne, and of course, wood.

Design Hunter Q+A: Shannon Bennett

Having recently opened Jardin Tan in Victoria and with a few other projects in the pipeline, director of Vue Group Shannon Bennett is on a bit of a roll. Here we talk inspiration, Pisco Sours and Exercise.

Design Hunter Q&A: Nicky Lobo

Nicky Lobo has recently been made Editor of Habitus, after being Deputy Editor for a number of years. We find out what makes her tick.

Q&A with Anna-Carin McNamara

After the recent launch of her range with Designer Rugs, we spend five minutes with Anna Carin.

Design Hunter Q+A: Andra Matin

Contemporary Indonesian architect Isandra Matin Ahmad is known for his sensitive use of space and his contribution to architecture in Indonesia on the whole - being a founder of Arsitek Muda Indonesia (Young Architects of Indonesia, AMI). After featuring his beautiful house in issue 24 of Habitus, we were naturally eager to find out a bit more about this creative man.

Design Hunter Q+A: Sue Fenton

Interior designer Sue Fenton is drawn to passionate people, functional design objects and good Japanese. Her source of inspiration is broad and her interests wide, proving Design Hunters do not stop at their field. They are constantly making connections and collecting pieces of inspiration.

Design Hunter Q + A: See Yen Foo

Originally from Singapore, today See Yen Foo lives in Melbourne and owns Apt Living and Apato. In fact, the launch of Apato coincides with Melbourne Indesign this weekend. Before it all takes place though, we had a chat with this furniture guru and found out he has a love for cold beer, work, and great taste for architecture.

Design Hunter Q + A: Matt Moran

Restaurateur, chef, author and TV host, Matt Moran shares his love for local produce and food as experience in nearly every medium you could ask for. We love his enthusiasm for sharing. Here we find out about Matt's favourite spaces, design pieces and, of course, favourite restaurant.


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