Aboriginal Art Meets Designer Rugs with Yulparitja Collection

Yulparitja, Designer Rugs’ new handknot collection, is a vibrant celebration of artists from WA’s Bidyadanga community, and of their memories of journeys taken throughout their country

Planning a Healthy Home

With more than a third of Australians suffering from asthma and allergies, it’s important to understand the triggers and take steps to avoid them.

An Itty Bitty Bit Part With A Mighty Impact

Light and delicate in appearance, the Bit Part collection plays a cameo role in any well-designed space, anchoring the room with pared-back beauty.

Swedish design by way of Indonesia

IKEA’s new JASSA collection is eclectic mix of handmade furniture, textiles, and accessories that marry the brand’s Swedish design with Indonesian and South East Asian traditions

Bring Some Warmth to Winter with Carnival Textiles

With the cooler months just around the corner, the Carnival collection from Arent&Pyke brings the warmth back into your life with the Floss, Festive and Fireworks textiles

Redesigning a Nostalgic Icon

If you had a mobile phone in the 2000s, it might well have been a Nokia 3310 – and now that icon is back with a modern facelift.

COS celebrates 10 years with a capsule collection that produces zero waste

It’s mass produced, it’s global, it’s on-trend and it’s inexpensive. Against all odds COS has created something wonderful and in it there’s a lesson for us all.

These rugs are NOT for the faint of heart

Kaleidoscopic colours, chimerical style and psychedelic imagery, distinctive of Australian fashion label Romance Was Born, characterise their new collection with Designer Rugs.

Meet the Metalwork from Italy

Hub Furniture has launched the Italian-made and designed metal works brand to its Sydney and Melbourne showrooms

All about that bass

Are you ready for a new sound system that pushes for high design to match forward thinking tech solutions?

Kodak Is Back With Design At The Fore

Historic camera brand Kodak is returning to the photography game, with the modern Ektra Smartphone, designed for photography lovers, from enthusiasts to experts

Taking Building Blocks to Designer Heights

ColorBlock is the latest collection from Dinosaur Designs, and channels the childlike wonder of building blocks into a modern, designer homewares and jewellery range

Is this the Future of Headphones?

While some companies have us in a constant state of catch up Bang&Olufsen stand adamant that they’re researching, developing and releasing technology in response to our changing lives – not the other way around.


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