Back to Basics

Most of us would agree our lives could do with a little less clutter. Focusing on this point, we look at design in this vein - furniture and products that honour simplicity.

An Evolution in Residential Flooring

Ontera Modular Carpets successfully transformed the floorscape of our commercial environments, now they move into the home with their new residential modular carpet tiles.

Space Saving Efficiency

In a kitchen renovation, we see how the Zip HydroTap contributes to space saving.


We feature 8 products that feature man-made, time-honoured and organic textures that celebrate contrast, tactility and physical interaction.

Reinterpreting Hardwood Flooring of the Hapsburg palaces

The Listone Giordano Asburgo collection reinterprets the Austrian – Hungarian style of hardwood flooring of the Hapsburg palaces from a modern point of view.

A Truly Fine Line

designer.line provides an elegant, functional and sustainable clothes drying solution for any space.

17 New Colours for ELMONORDIC

ELMONORDIC has been recoloured by the British textile designer Georgina Wright.

Wall to Wall

Designer Rugs branches out into carpet and the results are stunning.

A Dark Portrait of Mid-century Palm Springs: ‘MIDNIGHT MODERN’

Midnight Modern is a collection of large-scale works by Melbourne-based photographer Tom Blachford. Captured under the light of a supermoon, Classic Palm Springs mid-century architecture become the moody subject.


In celebration of Oak, here's a selection of products and projects that feature this glorious timber.

Small Things Big Difference

Sydney designer Christel Hadiwibawa collaborates with graphic designer Daniel Hadiwibawa to launch stationery and homewares brand, Made From Good Deeds (MFGD).

Floor it: The latest in Flooring for your Home

We look at a selection of the latest flooring option - from cool tiles to earthy floor boards.

GENRE – Textile by Instyle Studio

Introducing GENRE, a versatile and well-priced textile that does not compromise on beauty or quality.


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