How Pampa rugs weave cultures and communities together

Meet Victoria Aguirre and Carl Wilson of Pampa. They’re two travellers and photographers committed to weaving cultures and communities together with a range of rugs inspired by indigenous Argentinian artisans and their natural landscape. Rebecca Gross reports.

Tuck yourself into the softest Dehei sheets

There's nothing quite like tucking yourself into freshly laundered sheets at the end of a busy day. Especially when they're made from 100% cotton marle and wonderfully soft to touch.

Start your day with a H.A.N.D. Coffee Set by Milk Design

Hong Kong-based industrial design consultancy, Milk Design has created the H.A.N.D. Coffee Set, a copper-coloured wire dripper that enhances the flavour of coffee. 

Gidon Bing Ceramics celebrates minimalism and tactility in new range

New Zealand-based Gidon Bing Ceramics has released a brand new collection, which is now available worldwide thanks to a freshly launched online store. 

Anekka, the abstract made real

Indonesian born artist Evi O has expanded her abstract painting skills into the home, launching designer homewares label, Anekka

The Skeehan Brothers Cookbook

Award-winning industrial designer, Tom Skeehan, and his brother, Dan Skeehan, manager of Canberra's Hippo Bar, have created a cookbook that provides a glimpse of their home and the recipes they've grown up with

Memobottle, flat packed water

The quirky yet striking memobottle family has grown with the launch of the new A6 size bottle; an even more compact and discreet way was travelling with water

Be ready with Nendo’s Emergency Preparedness Kit

Japan has faced numerous natural disasters in its recent history, including in 2011 when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck the country. Since this disaster people are now seeking a more versatile solution that is appropriate for a variety of situations, which has spurred the development of an emergency preparedness kit that includes the bare minimum necessary for a city-dweller to make it to a place of refuge during an earthquake or other disaster.

Atelier Lumira

Making a celebration of alluring scents, sophisticated design and the spirit of wanderlust, Atelier Lumira presents its debut collection of luxury candles and fine fragrance

MIITO – a green alternative to the electric kettle

MIITO is a sustainable answer to the problem of the modern electric kettle that heats one’s beverage directly, avoiding the heating of excess liquid

Dinosaur Designs drops Rainforest Collection to celebrate 30 years

To celebrate their landmark 30th year, the duo behind one of Australia’s most lauded design companies Dinosaur Designs, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, has launched a new collection entitled Rainforest that captures the spirit of its aesthetic

1-OK CLUB launches at the National Gallery of Victoria

1-OK CLUB has launched this week with a collection for the NGV Ian Potter Design Store at the National Gallery of Australia running from 6 August to 7 September

Meizai introduces the 304 collection by Bentu

The 304 collection of lighting and planters is a classic example of Bentu’s simple, yet innovative design talents


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