Is creating a small, functional & aesthetically pleasing bathroom really that hard?

The question of whether one can make a small bathroom functional, without compromising on aesthetics, is common to anyone looking to renovate. Will the room feel cramped? Does it have to be plain? The answer is no. Combining practicability and visual harmony is possible, and actually not so difficult.

The Secret life of Geberit concealed cisterns

Concealed cisterns are becoming increasingly popular, not only as valuable space savers in the bathroom but also as a design choice, though they are not the most attention grabbing details of a residential or commercial project.

Rogerseller’s new range is about Wellbeing

Rogerseller's new new entire home living solutions reflect the way our home's central rooms have changed – bathrooms a place of wellbeing and kitchens for socialising.

Geberit – A Legacy of Innovation

When Swiss plumber, Caspar Melchior Albert Gebert opened his first plumbing business in 1874, little did he know he was on track to create a legacy of more than 140 years

Elegance and Precision in Wardrobe Design

A collection which holds true to its title, 'Armadio al Centimetro', the Centimetre Wardrobe, is a truly customisable, precision-engineered fitted wardrobe system for every space.

Fisher & Paykel – Designed to Match

Spending time with customers, watching the way they cook, even sitting down and sharing a meal with them has been central to the creation of Fisher & Paykel’s ‘Designed to Match’ approach to the modern kitchen.

The future of bathroom design with Geberit

Swiss brand Geberit creates a touchless bathroom experience with a new touchless flush plate designed by celebrated Swiss designer Daniel Irányi.

Hygenic Sustainability with Geberit

Geberit, a global leader for sanitary systems and piping solutions, introduces truly sustainable products for commercial applications.

Elegant Privacy by Geberit

The Geberit urinal partition walls provide privacy between urinals in public bathrooms.

Space Saving Efficiency

In a kitchen renovation, we see how the Zip HydroTap contributes to space saving.


With its minimalist, linear design simplicity, the state-of-the-art Gessi Rettangolo range, brings a dramatic sense of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom.

Perfect match for the heart of the home: Fisher & Paykel

Insights from customers and kitchen designers have driven styling at Fisher & Paykel, and resulted in a ‘designed to match’ approach to kitchen appliances to create a cohesive style that responds beautifully to the ongoing trend for open-plan kitchens.

In Oliver’s Workshop

Oliver MacLatchy is a carpenter, builder, tinkerer and inventor with a massive love for timber. The result of that passion is Wood Melbourne, spouts made from reclaimed wood, designed and crafted by hand in his workshop in Melbourne. Each piece goes through 12 stages to become the beautiful, sustainable fixtures they are. Through a series of images we get to see some of this laborious and careful process.


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