Habitus Loves… Elegance

A soft glow, smooth line or decadent finish, we love elegance. Here, we share with you a few new favourites.

EtKøkken encourages cooking with the elements

EtKøkken, Danish for A Kitchen, separates three basic functions of cooking into three freestanding stations – water, fire and chopping block.


In some cases, especially for those with larger living spaces, custom furniture can help where the mass market cannot.

Safety By Design

When considering accessibility, safety principles take care of physical health, but good design also promotes mental and emotional wellbeing.

A Kitchen with Subtle and pure geometric lines

Designed by CR&S Varenna for Poliform (2014), the Phoenix Kitchen is distinguished by subtle and pure geometric lines, giving life to a contemporary and exclusive kitchen.

A table top with the look of velvet?

Simplicity, refinement and timeless style define the Howard table, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform.

Verpan honours Panton

Verpan produces the finest Verner Panton products, from his iconic range of lighting to his classic furniture pieces.

An Eye for Detail

District Eight Design is an office and workshop based in Vietnam that merges design and build. In Habitus issue 26 we meet founder, Australian Darren Chew, to discuss his journey. Here, we enjoy his products, made with careful attention to detail.

Habitus Loves… Artful Lounging

A chair must be beautiful, as well as comfortable, but some chairs seem to take their artistic qualities to the next level. Somewhere between art and design sit these seats, to be admired just as much as used.

Habitus Loves…. Lounging with the Classics

Looking at the Art of Lounging comes in many shapes and forms, but we cannot forget the classics - new or old, these are the lounges that last a lifetime. Here are some of our current favourites.

Cardboard for Furniture

Capas ('layers' in Spanish) is the cardboard furniture range designed by Peruvian Architect Luis Gomez Siu.

Habitus Loves… Getting Low to Lounge

There's something especially relaxing about sitting near - even on - the ground. It suggests a sense of casualness - when we're perching, lying down, or sitting cross-legged, we tend to be in a relaxed frame of mind. So here we've picked out a range of low seating ideas that bring us close to the earth.

In Honour of the Chair

The chair is by far one of the most significant pieces of furniture aside from the table and the cabinet. ChristelH's "P" series explores this historically rich piece of furniture.


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