Tom Skeehan explores contrasting materials in Setto

Tom Skeehan’s latest Setto collection explores the relationship between contrasting materials, focusing on textiles, lighting and Australian timbers

Nendo releases Twig chair for Alias

Nendo has created the Twig chair for Italian furniture brand Alias, which specialises in furniture made from aluminium.

Find handcrafted beauty in Synthesis by Nick Randall

Synthesis by Nick Randall is an exploration into creating flowing voluminous forms in wood by the melding together of traditional hand craftsmanship with contemporary digital technologies

Metallic in Interiors

Metals have always been a substantial part of furniture and interiors. They can be robust and hard wearing and can be both structurally and aesthetically pleasing.

Normann Copenhagen expands the Era lounge range with a two-seat sofa

The popular Simon Legald designed Era lounge series from Normann Copenhagen has been expanded with a two-seat sofa

1-OK CLUB launches at the National Gallery of Victoria

1-OK CLUB has launched this week with a collection for the NGV Ian Potter Design Store at the National Gallery of Australia running from 6 August to 7 September

XO Chair by Workshopped combines classic proportions and contemporary lines

Rye Dunsmuir's XO Chair by Workshopped combines classic proportions, contemporary lines and age-old processes to ensure sustainability through longevity.

Can we appreciate Design as Art?

No one takes down a painting after two years because it’s out of fashion - what makes design different?

Nendo showcases innovative ‘seven doors’ collection for Abe Kogyo

Prolific Japanese design studio Nendo has launched yet another product range in their burgeoning collection, this time with the reinterpretation of the simple wooden door.

How to properly achieve timeless design

Timeless Design – it’s a term bandied about the design industry almost more than any other. But what is it that makes a design truly stand the test of time

Chip off the old Block

Danish designer Simon Legald has channelled the classic design of tray tables in designing Block.

Designing for Local Needs

How important is it to design for a local market, and what benefits are there for designers who keep location a focus

Twisting the classics

Newly launched furniture design firm White Furniture Design designs Australian made furniture from its space on the Gold Coast


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