Designing for Local Needs

How important is it to design for a local market, and what benefits are there for designers who keep location a focus

Twisting the classics

Newly launched furniture design firm White Furniture Design designs Australian made furniture from its space on the Gold Coast

The importance of supporting Australian design

Nobody would argue over how important it is to support Australian design. Not just great for building the local industry, supporting Australian design will only increase the quality and range of design options available to us all

Cult’s revamped LC50 Collection celebrates Le Corbusier

Throughout 2015 Cult and Cassina will celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most significant collections of contemporary design, the LC Collection, along with the commemoration of the 50 years since Le Corbusier passed away

At Home with Hansen and Hayon

At this year’s Milan Design Fair, Danish furniture brand Fritz Hansen accompanied the release of a new dining and lounge chair by Jaime Hayon with a softer, more welcoming showroom feel. Indesign managing editor Lorenzo Logi caught up with the Spanish designer on the occasion

Why Support Emerging Designers?

It's a nice idea to support emerging designers. But aside from that, what are the benefits of doing so? What do we as consumers get out of buying these new designs and what does it mean for the future of the design industry?

Saving the Industry from the Replica Plight

Last week we looked at copyright and design laws, which relate to the form of a design. In Part 3, we discuss what can be done about the common practice of replica furniture being sold by association with the name of the original designer, design or brand.

Continuing the Replica Design Fight

In Part two of our series with K&L Gates on replica designs, we look at the ways in which new and original designs can be protected.

A new addition to the Tacchini Design Classics collection at Stylecraft

With much excitement, Tacchini welcome back the Agnese Armchair to the Tacchini Design Classics collection - one of Frattini’s most iconic pieces.

A Call To Arms Against Replica Furniture

With replica furniture such a big business, and therefore a pressing issue for designers, Christine Danos, Gregory Pieris and Chris Round of K&L Gates walk us through the various forms of intellectual property protection available to makers of original and authentic designs and what the industry can do to address the problem.

A Taste of Milan 2015

What is happening in Milan right now? An overwhelming amount of design - that's what. After all, Salon del Mobile, or Milan Design week, is the largest design fair in the world. In light of that, this is a small taste of what's happening in the northern hemishphere right now.

Noma Tokyo Shelving mixes Traditional Craftsmanship with Material Innovation

Australian designer Drew Wahlberg Rosskelly is one of 15 artists invited to contribute to the fitout for NOMA Copenhagen’s residency at the Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo. Georgia Cannon discovers more about the outcome of this exciting collaboration.

Habitus Loves… Bedroom Storage

We all know what poor storage feels like (awkward) and that good storage fits seamlessly into our lives. In light of our focus on efficiency & flexibility this month, here are a few especially great storage solutions for the bedroom that contribute to an efficient and flexible way of living.


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