Sink into the Shelby Sofa

The Shelby Sofa provides a comforting space to lounge, relax and gather, and ultimately fosters a place where sitters can unwind in style.

Find Flexibiltiy in the MUS Sofa

As our lifestyles adapt and change, our living environments do too. Today we need more multi-tasking lounge rooms with flexible furniture solutions to suit our needs, like Ajar's MUS sofa

Schiavello expands Bomba range with elegant tables

Featuring a soft and contemporary design, the Bomba table brings an elegant touch to spaces it occupies

Balance celebrated in the Clay Table

Desalto’s Clay Table by designer Marc Krusin showcases a clever mix between sculpture, balance and stability.

Smart Materiality – How has the sustainability movement shaped design?

From waste minimisation and clever examples of sustainability, many Australian designers are intrinsically addressing environmental concerns through the careful selection of product, materials, manufacturing and production.

Living By Little Projects

The Living by Little Projects initiative is a collaboration between Australia’s best furniture designers, retailers and homewares brands

Stylecraft introduces new Croatian brand Prostoria

Created from the desire to communicate a love for aesthetics with detail focused manufacturing is the new Croatian brand, Prostoria

Tom Skeehan explores contrasting materials in Setto

Tom Skeehan’s latest Setto collection explores the relationship between contrasting materials, focusing on textiles, lighting and Australian timbers

Nendo releases Twig chair for Alias

Nendo has created the Twig chair for Italian furniture brand Alias, which specialises in furniture made from aluminium.

Find handcrafted beauty in Synthesis by Nick Randall

Synthesis by Nick Randall is an exploration into creating flowing voluminous forms in wood by the melding together of traditional hand craftsmanship with contemporary digital technologies

Metallic in Interiors

Metals have always been a substantial part of furniture and interiors. They can be robust and hard wearing and can be both structurally and aesthetically pleasing.

Normann Copenhagen expands the Era lounge range with a two-seat sofa

The popular Simon Legald designed Era lounge series from Normann Copenhagen has been expanded with a two-seat sofa

1-OK CLUB launches at the National Gallery of Victoria

1-OK CLUB has launched this week with a collection for the NGV Ian Potter Design Store at the National Gallery of Australia running from 6 August to 7 September


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