Habitus loves: Thailand International Furniture Fair 2014

Thailand International Furniture Fair's is back, and right on schedule. To local young designers, this fair offers a unique opportunity to celebrate their talent internationally, with this year’s focus on the urban living theme. We bring you our fresh picks that inspire the modern-day living

Habitus Loves… Danish Design

With 'Danish Design at the House' opening Friday at the Sydney Opera House, this week we celebrate all things Dansk. And, from cutlery to frying pans, the Danes have a deftly considered touch.


The Combi Units, designed by Lenci Design for Teuco, are a versatile, safe bath/shower solution that are as stylish as they are functional.

Habitus Loves… An Unconventional Garden

With inner-city gardens now firmly established, designers are working on new ways of incorporating vegetation into our living spaces. This week we love everything from upside-down pots to transforming IKEA furnishings into living and breathing designs. By Nicholas Sherwood.

Habitus Loves… A Keen Edge

Few are the satisfactions as visceral as that found from effortlessly slicing, and this week we celebrate eight tools that make this simple pleasure even more of a delight. Knives, of course, are centre stage, but scissors, hedge cutters and guillotines also swell the ranks of our recommendations.

Habitus Loves… A New Slant on Things

In Habitus 20 we featured the new MINI Paceman in a photo shoot - check out some of the products and images here and pick a copy of the magazine (on sale June 26!) for the full shoot in all its glossy glory.

Habitus Loves… Upcycling

Inverting the traditional progression of materials becoming less attractive and valuable over the course of their lives, upcycling seeks to take un-needed, exhausted, and discarded items and utilise them in new and improved formats. This week we look at eight of our favourite examples in the class.

Maxalto Febo Collection from Space

Maxalto presents a series of new and innovative additions to the elegant Febo collection by Antonio Citterio

Habitus Loves… Design in Auckland

Containing almost a third of New Zealand's population, it is no wonder that the country's largest settlement also hosts a thriving design scene. Spanning artisanal family traditions, cutting edge industrial design and curated collections from iconic international brands, the city is a regional hub of creativity and craftsmanship.

Habitus Loves… Design in Melbourne

With a mix of established, family-owned firms and energetic new players, the Melbourne design landscape is rich and diverse. This week we bring you eight designers and distributors that are doing a particularly excellent job.

Habitus Loves… Design in Perth

Beyond gorgeous coastal sunsets and cashed-up miners, the city 'over there' is also host to a burgeoning design scene. This week we take a look at some of the new and established retailers, consultants and designers in the Western Australian capital.

Habitus Loves… Milan SDM 2013

As the dust from the design monsoon that is the Milan Furniture Fair settles, we thumb through the most noteworthy new products to bring you the eight we love most.

Moooi Heracleum II Small from Space Furniture

Designed by Bertjan Pot and powered through the Electrosandwich by Marcel Wanders, the Heracleum II Small is an impressive combination of beauty and impeccable design

Habitus loves…Thailand International Furniture Fair

The Thailand International Furniture Fair is an important platform for local designers to celebrate their talent internationally. This year’s theme was “Inspire Inside Out” and these are our favourites.

Habitus Loves… Design Days Dubai

Design Days Dubai is the first fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects. We bring you our favourite pieces from the exhibiting galleries

Habitus Loves… International Furniture Fair Singapore

As one of the leading furniture trade fairs in Southeast Asia, the International Furniture Fair Singapore is a gathering ground some of the best designs from the region. We give you our picks from this year’s edition

Habitus Loves… Blu Dot

Funky, affordable and just touched down on Australian shores, Blu Dot has positioned itself as a youthfully mischievous player in the designer furniture arena.

Baba Coffee and Side Table from Poliform

Designed by Roberto Barbieri, the Baba coffee table collection is able to personalise any room thanks to its informal and versatile style

Habitus Loves… Getting Into Bed

We don't always manage to get a full eight hours between the sheets, so make the most of the time you do spend in slumber with our eight favourite bedding products

Habitus Loves… Stockholm Design Week

Scandinavia is a design hunter’s paradise, and Stockholm Design Week – with the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and events across the city – sets the tone for the coming year. We bring you our favourite products from
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