Time Out with Fiona Spence

The founder of Spence and Lyda does not follow fashion. Paul McGillick discovers she follows her own taste.

Public Privacy

The desire for privacy and the need to belong are a part of human nature. Tonkao Panin looks at a housing project in Bangkok by CASE which aims to reconcile these two often conflicting needs.

The Devil’s in the Detail | RAW Salon

The design of RAW hair Salon, in Surry Hills, Sydney, is about texture and detail - just like the salon's philosophy.

View on View: Bangkok Hotel Renovation

With a view as good as this, it makes sense to embrace it. Onion architects, have done this precisely in Sala Rattanakosin - a renovation project in Bangkok. Words by Tess Ritchie.

Light and Bright | Brandling Street Home

Brandling Street House, by Elaine Richardson Architects, is a new build in a conservation zone. The result is a light, colourful and open family home. Words by Tess Ritchie.

Apartment Living

A small space pushes the creativity of designers; how can a space feel open, at least not cramped, but fit all the necessary amenities? Here we look at apartments from Melbourne to Little India that have done so in their own way.

From Horizon to Horizon

A dining space by the sea with starlight above and city light below, Wynn A. Bay has found the perfect place to end the night.

Monochromatic Magic: Seed Store by Mim Design

Some retail stores make shopping entirely enjoyable. Seed's store in Melbourne Emporium, by Mim Design, is one. It's bold and charming and celebrates the retailer's iconic style.

Spatial Mystery: Nassim Road House, Singapore

A home can be seen an ongoing expression of its occupants. Darlene Smyth discovers a project by Bedmar & Shi in Singapore, that takes the dual nature of family living, and represents them quite literally.

From Singapore to London: De Vere Gardens Flat

De Vere Gardens Flat belongs to an extended family of several generations from South East Asia, who visit London often. VW+BS transformed it to suit.

Designer Butchers’ Stores

A new wave of artisanal butcher’s stores is challenging the industry’s traditional style with designer spaces catering for both the aesthetically and carnivorously inclined. Stephanie Madison reports.


In celebration of Oak, here's a selection of products and projects that feature this glorious timber.

Timber and Light: House McNally by Architect Prineas

House McNally is a home re-designed for spacious gatherings, while at the same time keeping a cosy home life for two. With a large timber volume as the main form, connecting all spaces, the house is adaptable to suit both the social and the quiet. We talk to principal architect Eva-Marie Prineas, of Architect Prineas, about the use of timber and natural light in this creative design.


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