A Very Technical Build By Alexandra Buchanan

“A challenging project from the very beginning”, Alexandra Buchanan was the perfect woman for the job – so say the beaming young family who now occupy the enviable space.

The Mental Health House by Andrew Maynard

When Architect Andrew Maynard renovated his family’s internalised Fitzroy terrace he designed experimentally with mental health in mind, breaking rules aplenty in the quest for fun and Vitamin D.

True North by Tandem Design Studio

Tim Hill of TANDEM Design Studio demonstrates how constraints spur creativity, designing a house that sparks the imagination.

Legendary Hospitality at the Jackalope

A new boutique hotel on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula is redefining luxury for today. The Jackalope Hotel was a welcome challenge for Carr Design Group.

Live, Work, and Play by the River Yarra’s Edge

The new luxury Cargo Homes, by Melbourne’s Yarra River, challenge the idea of the separate home and workspace – creating a collection of hybrid home office suites.

Out of Tragedy Comes Opportunity

When the devastating Black Saturday fires swept through Victorian bush land it was hard for anyone to imagine a positive outcome. However, nearly a decade on Steffen Welsch Architects have helped one young family find their silver lining, Holly Cunneen finds.

Nick Leith-Smith in Ginza Six, Tokyo

Architect, interior designer and long time collaborator with Manolo Blahnik, Nick Leith-Smith has opened the luxury label’s newest store in the Asia Pacific.

Three Brothers and One Dessert Bar

An old-world infused dessert bar uses architecture and design to pull you through the door – not just the sweet allure of pastry.

A New Opportunity

For the residents of the Doll House in Sydney, planning their new home coincided with planning a family. With the help of Day Bukh Architects, the former now houses the latter.

Design Dissolves Barriers at Aesop

A stylish homage to the history of Melbourne’s first suburb, we take a closer look at Aesop Fitzroy’s finely detailed new design by Clare Cousins Architects.

Mrs Sippy moves to Bali

The Restaurant and bar iconic to Sydney’s Double Bay lifts the tried and tested design cues from its Australian location and merges them with the majesty of its new Balinese setting to create an idyllic holiday retreat.

A New Kind of Court House

The house of a retired couple in Aireys Inlet, Victoria, was designed by Peter Winkler Architects to welcome in the pilgrimage of friends and family year round.

A Quiet Camouflage Or A Wild Embrace?

This Byron Bay resort, wrapped in rainforest, etches the curves of its coastal location providing many things to many people.


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