Savour Patisserie Hits The Sweet Spot

Collectivus Design Studio reimagines the old-world patisserie in a fresh and free spirited fit out.

An Elegant Rethink Of Communal Living

The modernisation of a single-house block from Foomann Architects helps expand a sense of community within the same address.

Italian Design, Down-under

This stunning kitchen proves that sophisticated Italian design can be just as at home in this Victorian home as in a modern Milan apartment.

More Timeless Than Modern

Vo Trong Nghia Architects weave a decidedly contemporary structure with natural, ancient – human – elements to merge old and new connotations of Vietnam.

No-Fuss Fabulous Dining in Hong Kong

Alexi Robinson and Adam Goodrum bring bespoke styling to tablecloth-free dining with a Taiwanese restaurant in Hong Kong called The Night Market.

The Kiwi Bach That Keeps Evolving

New Zealand’s vernacular holiday house is ever more sophisticated but as this Matakana home by Glamuzina Architects demonstrates, its spirit still remains.

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Sydney architect and photographer, Tom Ferguson applies a fine eye to the built environment.

Immersive Design at Beyond Rest

What’s the fuss about floating? Sandra Tan speaks to Nick and Fiona Dunin, two out of three siblings behind the Beyond Rest floatation centres, visiting their newly-launched facility in Collingwood to find out.

The Plan to Build House by tenfiftyfive

A home in Melbourne by architects tenfiftyfive boasts a kitchen that connects directly to the exterior environment. No longer do those cooking need to be separated from the rest of the happenings.

Kister Architects’ Church Conversion

Direct from the pages of Habitus #36, Ilana Kister of Kister Architects has taken a dilapidated, inner city church and turned it into her studio's headquarters; seamlessly connected to the home she shares with her three young daughters.

Digging Deep: This is what Social Design Means to Us

The Social Space INDE.Award celebrates design that imaginatively brings people together. These are impressive spaces where we interact and play. But what about these projects makes them ‘social’

What Makes An Influencer So Influential?

The INDE.Awards Influencer shortlist is a collection of our industry’s most exceptional people, products, projects and ideas. But what is it exactly that makes them so influential?

What Makes the Perfect Living Space?

Brought to you by Gaggenau, The Living Space Award honours the region’s most inspiring home – one that dwells thoughtfully and sensitively, enabling a well-designed way of life.


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