What does the home of Chef Roberto Scheriani look like?

Thanks to Jon Mikulic, of Newline Design, Roberto Scheriani has a comfortable living space, designed around family, art and the blue sky.

Excitement meets Relaxation: The Ultimate Design Getaway

To be at the beach but to indulge in an enclosed compound may sounds paradoxical at first, but Wynn A. Bay finds out what detains guests inside this restaurant-turned-resort that is beside the customised breakfast in bed

Coogee gets a Lush Rooftop Bar

Designed as if it was once the conservatory of an eccentric botanist, Coogee Pavilion Rooftop has been brought to life by a design team including Kelvin Ho and Emilie Delalande of Akin Creative, Amanda Talbot, Justin and Bettina Hemmes.

5 Inspiring Terrace Renovations

Many of our inner-city houses are terraces; full of character, but often small and at odds with what we want. Transforming poky spaces into spacious family homes, here are five inspiring projects that show Australian architects are well equipped at making small spaces completely liveable.

This House Applies the Surrealist Technique ‘Cubomania’

A dilapidated but heritage-listed house becomes a sustainable, functional and architecturally impressive home for a young family, in Melbourne.

Old Plinths Become Feature for Deadly Ponies Flagship Store

Niche luxury accessories brand Deadly Ponies recently opened a flagship store in Auckland, New Zealand. The space was an old glass-works studio.

Can a floating staircase transform a home?

A new, lofty volume to the rear of this Victorian house in Carlton plays on light and shadow in equal measure, as Annie Reid discovers.

Could this be the ultimate in storage design?

A young family in Walsh Bay wanted a welcoming, relaxing and easily maintained home.


When given the opportunity to take on an existing food kiosk in Brisbane’s Wintergarden shopping centre, proprietors Mitch Suchowacki and Dane Louie engaged interior designer Georgia Cannon to help transform the outmoded outlet into a space fit for today’s epicurean consumer.

Conversation Starter – The Hello House

We often talk about the ‘architectural language’ of a streetscape, and ponder what buildings ‘say’ about us, but this very special house in Melbourne’s Richmond is literally a conversation starter. Ben Morgan takes a look.

The Adventure of the Light: Re-design in Taiwan

An old house in southern Taiwan is given an overhaul, the designers creating a sense of connection between the entire space through the basic elements of light, water and natural vegetation.

Elizabeth Bay House

The location of our feature shoot for Habitus Issue 26 was Elizabeth Bay House. Amanda Talbot re-imagined it as Picasso's summer house; here, we see it in its original glory.

Built For Bears

In Bear House, size matters. Designed for Be@rbrick collectors, the house centres itself around the owners' Be@rbricks display cabinet and scale is based on the toys, rather than the owners.


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