Built For Bears

In Bear House, size matters. Designed for Be@rbrick collectors, the house centres itself around the owners' Be@rbricks display cabinet and scale is based on the toys, rather than the owners.

6 Built-In Lounges

Getting creative with a small space, creating nooks to nestle in, or embracing a tricky site are all reasons for creating lounges that dip down, up or push back into a wall. Today we look at a handful of these creative spaces.

(Team) Building on the Island

In Habitus issue 26, we look at John Wardle Architects' tree-planting project 'Waterview'. This year, the team-building retreat was slightly different and they built four structures along the coastal edge on Bruny Island.


An eye-catching design to blur the line between art and commerce is exactly what Whiting Architects’ The Pod project achieves, as Annie Reid peeks inside.

6 Years of Lying Around: The Best of Habitus Lounges

Over 26 issues, Habitus has seen some fantastic spaces to lounge in. We look back on our favourites, starting with the first few issues.

Designing with the River

Undergoing a design exorcism of sorts, the renovation and extension of a 1980s home in Brisbane’s Westlake demonstrates an artistry of design through facets often relegated to necessities. Words by Stephanie Madison.

Antipodean summer living at The English Tapware Company

Participating in The English Tapware Company’s ‘Window’ project, S.T.UDIO Sally Taylor has created a stunning outdoor bathroom in the Woollahra showroom.

Top 10 Outdoor Lounges

As we launch into a month dedicated to The Art of Lounging, seeking spaces and products that feed a sense of zen, we bring you our top ten outdoor lounges.

Surry Hills Warehouse Revitalised

Austin is the refurbishment of a rundown warehouse in the heart of Surry Hills. What stands now is a modern mixed development.

Timber Re-imagined: Donvale House

A big but poorly planned residence in Victoria has received a new lease on life thanks to Wilson Architecture, as Annie Reid discovers.

Modernist Liveability

The owners of this house at Sydney’s Whale Beach wanted a house they could “hose down” – in keeping with the great Australian beach tradition. Heather Barton visited this house by architects, Cullen Feng, which enjoys sublime views down to one of Sydney’s finest beaches and north along the coastline.


From using it as a tool for ventilation to employing concrete for aesthetic purposes, we look at 6 homes across the Habitus region that use this robust material as a feature.

Vertical Space

Once a chicory kiln, House for Hermes on Philip Island, by Andrew Simpson Architects, is now a spacious weekend retreat for a Melbourne family. Imbued with history and attached to location.


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