The Opposite House

Eight years after opening their doors to the public, the city’s first luxury hotel designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates proves it’s as relevant as ever.

Singapore’s Oasia Hotel is a Living, Breathing Tower

Like nature, the splendidly red and green Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore designed by WOHA changes each and every time you visit.

Workers Cottage Turned Designer Home

Marrying the architectural heritage of an old Sydney worker’s cottage with contemporary design principles is no easy task, but for the Hill Cottage, that’s just what Luigi Rosselli Architects did.

Let’s Bring the Church to the 21st Century

As an 18-year-old-boy Josh White walked through a dilapidated old building with no roof and thought, “wow, this would make a great house”. Twenty-two years later, he bought it.

How to Breathe New Life into a Modernist Home

As European architects designed homes for like-minded clients they spurred the development of Modernist architecture in Australia. Rebecca Gross writes.

Playing with Light in a Heritage Home

CHORDstudio’s Power Lane House extension shows how a Sydney heritage family home can have its cake and eat it too, channelling tradition with a sense of contemporary style.

Chinatown, Fitzroy Style

Framed in curved pipes recalling Chinese architecture to the fish tanks, Ricky & Pinky is a taste of traditional Chinese dining with a modern twist

A Bush Getaway With 1920s Tram Accommodation

Camp Kulning is a private retreat in the Victorian bush, where guests can choose between rustic cottage, 1950s caravan, or 1920s Melbourne tram for sleeping arrangements

Expanding Melbourne’s Suburban Typology

Architecture firm DKO teamed up with property developer Milieu to create a series of townhouses in Melbourne’s Preston with the aim of creating boutique architecturally designed homes for the growing suburb.

Ten out of Ten for Keele Street, Collingwood

Collingwood, Melbourne, is making a name for itself as the new epicentre of design, art, culture and food.

How to Bring Middle Eastern Style to Inner Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney, Nour is offering a new dining experience that channels the Middle East through light, design and cuisine.

Industrial Chic Meets Luxury Skincare in Aesop’s New Seoul Store

Aesop is a brand that has achieved the impossible – global saturation while maintaining a sense of bespoke locality. The new Aesop Seoul store by Torafu Architects is no exception to this rule.

Garden State Hotel: The Place To Be

Celebrating the best of Melbourne, the Garden State provides a lush oasis at the heart of a design-rich labyrinth of restaurants and bars.


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