A new holiday home in the seaside suburb of Blairgowrie

A new Blairgowrie holiday accommodates a family on weekends, and affords space for additional families when required

Elwood residential project reunites design team

On the cusp of Elwood village, Melbourne developer Piccolo has reunited two of Australia’s most awarded architectural design practices to create a landmark project that raises the bar for timeless design

Designing for an Aesop Aesthetic

Aesop recently reopened the doors on flagship Flinders Lane store following a visual makeover

Framing nature in architecture

A rugged and impressive drystone wall frames B.E. Architecture’s Whitehall Road Residence project

Creating a point of serenity

A new fit out of a Melbourne apartment serves as a place of serenity and sanctuary amidst a busy whirlwind of travelling lives

A Hotel For Dogs

Situated in a 4-acre plantation in Malaysia and surrounded by jungle, lays 6 concrete bunkers designed for dogs

The smart home boom

BOOM is a new, master-planned community that redefines the notions of the smart home

The YO! Home of the Future

The groundbreaking YO! Home apartment prototype pushes the idea of the smart home into a science fiction inspired future

How to live smart in harsh climates

When thinking of smart homes in terms of advanced technology, there would be few smarter than the Halley VI Antarctic Research Station

Smart design hidden in the woods

The Jägnefält Milton developed Forest Pavilion can pop up in almost any wooded area in Sweden. Designed in sleek and sustainable style, the pavilion exemplifies the changing face of the smart home

An Inner Melbourne home immune to ageing

Nest Architects has designed a renovation for an Inner Melbourne home on Harold Street, fusing mid 20th century charm and modern aesthetics

Farm’s Wall House: A tale of two homes

Cross-disciplinary design practice Farm’s Wall House is a tale of two houses - similar, yet independent

Small Space, Big Thinking

An innovative new home from Schulberg Demkiw in Melbourne’s beachside suburb of Elwood strikes a serene balance between openness and privacy


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"Nice ad for my brother.Nice tones in old timber made square under the watchful carpenters eye.BJNicholls."


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