Singapore’s Oasia Hotel is a Living, Breathing Tower

Like nature, the splendidly red and green Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore designed by WOHA changes each and every time you visit.

A Bush Getaway With 1920s Tram Accommodation

Camp Kulning is a private retreat in the Victorian bush, where guests can choose between rustic cottage, 1950s caravan, or 1920s Melbourne tram for sleeping arrangements

Let’s Go Rooftop Glamping in 1970s Caravans

Ever wanted to spend the night in a kitted out 1970’s airstream caravan? Notel is a glamorous take on old-school caravan camping, with an exclusive rooftop location in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Bringing Designer Hotels to Fiji Shores

Architecture Firm The Buchan Group is bringing a relaxed aesthetic to to three Fiji resort redesigns.

Cane Furniture and Coconut Shells Like You’d Never Expect

Located on Pamilican, a private island 360km southeast of Manila with its own private airstrip, luxury resort Amanpulo, is both one of the most secluded and expensive destinations in Southeast Asia. Dave Tacon visits.

A Cultural Retreat by the Beach

The first hotel venture by famed hospitality group PTT Family, Katamama digs deep into Indonesia’s rich artisanal heritage to create an inviting and culturally-rich experience for travellers. Stephanie Peh writes.

Singapore’s Noshery by Nosh

A café by day, a bar by night, Noshery by Nosh is a new idyllic getaway that’s reminiscent of a travel lodge and a Balinese holiday destination, with nostalgic and homey accents so guests feel right at home.

It’s All About Attitude at the Old Clare Hotel

The Old Clare Hotel in Sydney has undergone a makeover, merging its past with an eye to the future, with a tongue-in-cheek style. Rebecca Gross reports.

Wake up surrounded by art at Park Hotel Tokyo

The Park Hotel Tokyo in Shiodome is a canvas upon which the hotel has quite literally covered their walls in art. Spanning the top ten floors of a skyscraper in Tokyo, the Park Hotel Tokyo redefines what it means for guests to engage with their environment, commissioning renowned Japanese artists to hand-paint a collection of 31 suites on the "artist's floor" of the hotel.

Book and Bed Tokyo: A design hostel for book lovers

Lured by the notion of sleeping in a clandestine nook behind a bookshelf, Linsey Rendell visits Book and Bed in Tokyo.

Escape to the Estate Trentham

A century old house is the setting for the Estate Trentham, a bespoke holiday location for those looking for a taste of the past.

Island Soothing

If you set yourself a mission to visit the most relaxing place on the planet, you needn’t look beyond Vanuatu. Melissa Rimac reports

Heritage revamp: Primus Hotel Sydney

The revamp of a historical gem is no easy feat – ask any architectural firm. Successful refurbishment of a heritage structure is a finicky affair that requires plenty of finesse, and more often than not an army of collaborations.


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