Design Hunter Q+A with Fiona Winzar

Architect Fiona Winzar (whose impressive work is featured in Habitus 18) shares her design favourites with Habitusliving

Subodh Gupta

Featured in Habitus 18, Indian-born Gupta works across mediums, creating striking installations.

Impy Pilapil

In Habitus 18 we explore the home of Philippines-based architect Renato Vidal, avid collector of contemporary asian art. Among his collection are works by Philippines-born, internationally educated sculptor Impy Pilapil

Living Edge Original Designers Collection

As seen in Habitus 18, the Original Designers Collection is authentic, iconic, and highly desirable

Armature for a Window

In Habitus 18 Paul McGillick explores a Newtown house by panovscott architects. Their statement regarding the project demonstrates a keen sensitivity both to the specific site and to the broader context of the home, and we believe it is a valuable and stimulating document in its own right.

Karekare Beach, Auckland

A new timber bach by architect Michael O’Sullivan pays homage to the land and its history. In Habitus 18 Andrea Stevens visits the Karekare site and finds a warmly crafted weekend retreat

Evolution of an Oil Burner

Sydney-based designers Bianca Riggio and Ryan Hanrahan of Page Thirty Three share the process of how their stylishly functional Oil Burner, featured in the Habitus 18 photo shoot, developed from idea through to finished product

Alex Popov’s Elegant Urban Retreat

In Habitus 14 we visited a new house by Alex Popov in the Sydney suburb of Mosman, and in Habitus 18 we learn a little about the architect himself. Now Paul McGillick returns to the house and gets Alex to walk him through and explain the design strategies he employed.

Garagistes, Hobart

In Habitus 18 we explore Tasmania, and as Belinda Aucott discovers, a big metal roller door in downtown Hobart is hiding an oasis for food lovers

Adam Cruikshank Design

Perth designer and furniture maker Adam Cruickshank (featured in Habitus 18) has launched his own furniture business in Dwellingup, W.A. Anna Flanders has the story

Langkawi House

The beauty of reclaimed and recycled timber is only partly aesthetic – the knowledge of its former function adds a whole other appeal. Jaz Sidhu visited the island of Langkawi in Malaysia and discovered a home designed by Building Bloc (who's Desa House is featured in Habitus 18) that generates new life for old timber electricity poles

The Green House

Featured in Habitus 18, the Green House is a monolithic copper-clad cube in the west of Singapore Island that engages with its lush surroundings and is a frame for both garden and art

Studio JuJu

Singapore-based designers Studio Juju (profiled in Habitus 18) have created a name for themselves internationally with their playful designs inspired by “snippets of the everyday”


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