The Mental Health House by Andrew Maynard

When Architect Andrew Maynard renovated his family’s internalised Fitzroy terrace he designed experimentally with mental health in mind, breaking rules aplenty in the quest for fun and Vitamin D.

True North by Tandem Design Studio

Tim Hill of TANDEM Design Studio demonstrates how constraints spur creativity, designing a house that sparks the imagination.

Live, Work, and Play by the River Yarra’s Edge

The new luxury Cargo Homes, by Melbourne’s Yarra River, challenge the idea of the separate home and workspace – creating a collection of hybrid home office suites.

Out of Tragedy Comes Opportunity

When the devastating Black Saturday fires swept through Victorian bush land it was hard for anyone to imagine a positive outcome. However, nearly a decade on Steffen Welsch Architects have helped one young family find their silver lining, Holly Cunneen finds.

A New Kind of Court House

The house of a retired couple in Aireys Inlet, Victoria, was designed by Peter Winkler Architects to welcome in the pilgrimage of friends and family year round.

Crafted to Context

Close to the beach and in amongst vibrant native shrubbery, this modern house in coastal Victoria draws inspiration from its Point Lonsdale neighbours. Bower Architecture have created a space in which the residents feel immersed in their surrounding environment.

Garden State

This modernist, deconstructed home in Sri Lanka champions the residents' desires for a deep-rooted connection to the external world.

Finding Balance in Bali

In the latest issue of Habitus, Sophia Watson speak to Widi Adnyana about designing his family home, one built around the concept of Sujiva – comfortable living.

Can Edwardian and Modern Architecture Co-exist?

The 1890s and 1960s respectfully meet in Nic Owen Architect’s contemporary renovation of a grand old Melbourne manor. Rebecca Gross investigates.

Blurring Traditions in Beijing

In the growing business district of Beijing’s Chaoyang there is a house where the distinction between indoor and out isn’t so clear, and where architectural forms play off one another

How To Build A House Of Hidden Architecture

Heavenly clients with a hellish block – how a designer tackled a tricky site to create a home of hidden architecture.

SoHo Style In the Heart of Sydney

West End is a new residential development in Sydney’s Glebe’s, capturing the suburb’s inner city charm with New York style SoHo apartments

Is Western Australia building a sustainable future?

Change is in with air, but is the future of residential design looking bright?


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