Standing Steadfast: Rebuilding After the Christchurch Earthquakes

In Christchurch, New Zealand, Case Ornsby tames nature’s ravages with thought-provoking, innovative, and handsome design solutions.

Malaysia’s Ittka House

Malaysia's Fabian Tan Architect has designed the Ittka House in Kuala Lumpur with privacy and nature in mind, crafting a space that is calm, open and light. 

Can A Product’s Packaging Inform The Personality Of A Retail Space?

Japanese design house nendo have crafted a deliciously minimal chocolate shop “BbyB.” in the Tokyo borough of Ginza, Japan, based entirely on the interactive nature of the product’s wrapping.

Built For Bears

In Bear House, size matters. Designed for Be@rbrick collectors, the house centres itself around the owners' Be@rbricks display cabinet and scale is based on the toys, rather than the owners.

A Thai House inspired by Kayaking

When an owner wants a house that reflects his character, and his greatest passion is kayaking, this is what you get. As well as adventure sport, IDIN Architects have taken cues from the local, muted landscape for their design of W House, making a home that fits into both the owner’s way of living and the natural environment. Words by Tess Ritchie.

Design Hunter Q+A: Andra Matin

Contemporary Indonesian architect Isandra Matin Ahmad is known for his sensitive use of space and his contribution to architecture in Indonesia on the whole - being a founder of Arsitek Muda Indonesia (Young Architects of Indonesia, AMI). After featuring his beautiful house in issue 24 of Habitus, we were naturally eager to find out a bit more about this creative man.

Cambodia’s Ghost Villas, ex- ‘St. Tropez of South-East Asia’

Robert Carry visits what is left from the golden age of Cambodia’s Modernist architecture past. While some are being revived, others fall into decay

Fashioning Fabric – Grace Tan

She is originally from Malaysia, but these days Grace Tan calls Singapore home. It is here that she is pushing the limits of fashion design. Darlene Smyth asked her about her work and about what inspires her in her new home town.

Storytelling through Furniture

Ito Kish calls himself Chief Visual Storyteller. It's a title that sums up both his roles quite perfectly too. As owner and curator of boutique design store K I S H and designer for ITO KISH brand, story is what grounds his practise. As he says, "Everything starts with a story."

Longtable, Bangkok

Best viewed at night, the Longtable celebrates Bangkok’s illuminated cityscape with a Thai inspired design and, obviously, a really long table. Wynn A. Bay reports

PRV House

Situated in the Parahyangan Rumah Villa estate in Bandung, Indonesia, this compact, extroverted home demonstrates how good design can integrate unique aesthetics with practical functionalism.

Bangkok Tree House

Just outside the hustle of Bangkok is a surprising new eco-retreat that allows guests to re-connect with nature. By Mandi Keighran

Cemagi Residence

An elegant, private residence perfectly suited to tropical relaxation.


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