The Art of Lounging

Chris Weylandt: the art of living and lounging

Founder and owner of Weylandts, Chris Weylandt, talks about the art of lounging and living with this fresh South African brand

Ross Didier: The Art of Lounging

We asked a few experts in the know, who design and supply some of our favourite lounging products, to share their thoughts on the future of lounging. Here, Ross Didier, Founder of Didier, explains his take on where lounging and seating is progressing.

Leonard Georgopoulos: The Art of Lounging

We chat to Managing Director, Leonard Georgopoulos about the future of lounging, and discover some interesting industry insights.

The Art of Lounging with Ryan Lawson

We chat to Ryan Lawson, Head of Design at King Living about the art of lounging.

Letting design – and nature – take its course

Open spaces and framed views connect to the vastness of the landscape beyond, where rolling hills, valleys and sky combine to create a spectacular view of the best that nature has to offer. Claire Watkins reports

Sink into the Shelby Sofa

The Shelby Sofa provides a comforting space to lounge, relax and gather, and ultimately fosters a place where sitters can unwind in style.

Find Flexibiltiy in the MUS Sofa

As our lifestyles adapt and change, our living environments do too. Today we need more multi-tasking lounge rooms with flexible furniture solutions to suit our needs, like Ajar's MUS sofa

The Art of Lounging with Richard Fanale, AJAR

We discuss the art of lounging with Richard Fanale, interior designer and cofounder of AJAR, a furniture and design studio based in Collingwood, Melbourne.

A breath of fresh air in an age of mass produced goods

For baby boomers with an affinity for fashion, Christopher Graf requires no introduction. His vibrant, cartoon-like clothing for women set his South Yarra boutique apart during the late 1980s and through the ‘90s. Three years ago Graf started to design silk scarves. These limited-edition designs reflect his highly unique home on the edge of Melbourne. Stephen Crafti reports.

The Art of Lounging

Seeking relaxation in today’s fast-paced world? Our lounges should offer the ultimate retreat, boosting our health and well-being. Sophie Davies discovers flexible spaces are the future of modern living

Ken Done: Artist in Place

He’s known for his iconic painting scenes, his equally iconic moustache and his gallery in Sydney’s historic The Rocks. But rather than a high-rolling Artist, Ken Done sees himself simply as a painter – a very lucky one. Habitus Editor, Nicky Lobo reports.

Wool sculpting with Katherine Mavridis

For a designer who takes inspiration from the natural world, moving to the biggest concrete jungle of them all was always going to be a challenge. So when up-and-coming knitwear designer Katherine Mavridis gathered up her life and tools two years ago and transferred to New York City from her home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the transition was inevitably difficult. Alex Lalak reports.

Elizabeth Bay House

The location of our feature shoot for Habitus Issue 26 was Elizabeth Bay House. Amanda Talbot re-imagined it as Picasso's summer house; here, we see it in its original glory.


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