Creating MINI Design Hunters

Habitus recently partnered with I-Manifest and MINI to create a Micro-School of design in which high school-aged students would consider how architecture and design can bring awareness to future living habits.

The Epidemic of ‘Stuff’ – Part #3

Joanne Gambale tells the story of the ancient Hindu motif that ended up on a bottle of mouthwash and other tall tales of trends.

In Conversation With… Michele Chow

The brains and brawn behind independent Australian furniture brand, Dessein, Melbourne-based entrepreneur Michele Chow is a force to be reckoned with.

A Quiet Camouflage Or A Wild Embrace?

This Byron Bay resort, wrapped in rainforest, etches the curves of its coastal location providing many things to many people.

The Epidemic of ‘Stuff’ – Part #2

Still on a rant about cheap coffee tables, Joanne Gambale looks at the fantasy and the feasibility of a handcrafted home.

Announcing The INDE.Awards 2017 Shortlist

More than 400 projects, people, products and ideas were submitted this year for the inaugural INDE.Awards, demonstrating the strength and prowess of architects and designers across the Asia Pacific. Want to see who made history?

In Conversation With… Benjamin Mitchell

Benjamin Mitchell (right) is one half of Sydney practice Those Architects, along with Simon Addinall. Only five years old, and already they’ve notched up an American Architecture Prize.

The Epidemic of ‘Stuff’ – Part 1

To what heights will the piles of cheap furniture in our landfills have to scale before it all comes tumbling down? In the first of a four-part series on ‘stuff’, Joanne Gambale weighs up three-legged tables against antique lightbulbs and has a few lightbulb moments of her own along the way.

Crafted to Context

Close to the beach and in amongst vibrant native shrubbery, this modern house in coastal Victoria draws inspiration from its Point Lonsdale neighbours. Bower Architecture have created a space in which the residents feel immersed in their surrounding environment.

Garden State

This modernist, deconstructed home in Sri Lanka champions the residents' desires for a deep-rooted connection to the external world.

In Conversation With… Elliat Rich and James Young of Elbowrkshp

He makes fine leather footware and baggage under the banner of James B Young. She makes limited edition furniture under her name, Elliat Rich. Based in Alice Springs, they create industrial design pieces under the aegis of their brand, Elbowrkshp.

Finding Balance in Bali

In the latest issue of Habitus, Sophia Watson speak to Widi Adnyana about designing his family home, one built around the concept of Sujiva – comfortable living.

Improving Lives and Landscapes in Melbourne

It’s a win/win in Collingwood where Six Degrees have designed a new venue for STREAT, providing a youth training academy and revitalising a near-derelict property and industrial streetscape.


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