Design Hunter™ Q+A with Gordon Duncan

Gordon Duncan of Melbourne-based Linen House shares his design favourites with habitusliving.

16 May 2012

Your name: Gordon Duncan

What you do: Executive Chairman, Linen House

Your latest project: Expanding Linen House presence in America

What is your favourite…

travel destination: Bali

hotel/place to stay: Algonquin Hotel, NYC                            

airline: Cathay Pacific

three people that inspire/excite you:

     1) Jim Stynes

     2) Nelson Mandela

     3) John Lennon

design classic: Jaguar sports car

new design: Jaguar XKR

meal: Duck Cassoulet   

restaurant: Donovan’s              

drink: Beer

bar: Hotel Brighton

gallery/museum: Metropolitan Museum of New York

book: The Untouchable, by John Banville

item in your studio: Photo of St Kilda Football Club 66 Premiership

artist: Salvador Dali

piece of technology: iPhone

creative philosophy: If you believe in something don’t be afraid to back it