’21st Century Residential Landscape Design’ by Dean Herald

21st Century Residential Landscape Design is a collection of projects in which a designed atmosphere has been expressed and developed to the individual needs of clients. It is a celebration of Rolling Stone Landscapes' philosophy that a perfect relationship can exists between the site, the environment and the architectural style of every home

31 Oct 2012

This beautifully illustrated book takes the reader on a journey through a number of outstanding gardens that have been landscaped by one of Australia’s leading landscape designers, Dean Herald of ‘Rolling Stone Landscapes’. 21st Century Residential Landscape Design showcases over 20 designs produced by Dean, who has achieved the pinnacle of the landscape design industry in winning a gold medal at the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show in London and Australian Landscaper of the year. 

The modern residential landscape has changed so dramatically over the last 20 years with the indoor-outdoor concept becoming a living space of the family home. Mixed with entertaining areas for alfresco cooking/dining and the added excitement of a swimming pool design, you have a relaxing atmosphere and a private retreat in your own backyard – this is 21st Century Residential Landscape Design. The relationship between garden and water has always been a wonderful combination due to the tranquillity and enjoyment it delivers through sight, sound and use.

Rolling Stone Landscapes