Aperitivo with Aperol

A vast improvement on the six-o'clock-swill, the aperitivo is a chance to chat, nibble, and enjoy a tasty drink

15 Mar 2012

Aperol, Italy’s favourite aperitivo (a term for both the occasion and the libation) a sort of  Australian debut at an afternoon function hosted by Nield Avenue restaurant. Guests at the launch were plied with aperitivo classics such as Spritz, Americano, Bellini, Mimosa and the all-conquering Negroni, accompanied by Nield Avenue’s delectable mediterranean appetizers, a combination guaranteed to garner lifetime-devotees.

The century-old beverage has long been a staple for northern Italians seeking a light, refreshing drink to wash down a few stuzzichini and stimulate the appetite before dinner. Today it has spread south down the boot and north, east and west into Austria, Germany and Belgium, and is particularly favoured by parsimonious students choosing between paying for dinner or a cocktail (the accompanying nibblies are free!). With a gentle 11% alcohol content and effervescent, bitter-sweet flavour, Aperol is sure to slot right into our hot summer afternoons (or cozy, indoor winter ones).