Arik Levy at Hong Kong Art Fair

Sliding between angular and organic, Arik Levy's RockGrowth series captivates with its bold volumes and clean, metallic finishes.

29 May 2012

Exploring the fantastical idea of rocks growing and evolving as plants do RockGrowth, Arik Levy’s latest exhibition at the Hong Kong Art Fair retraces the elementary particles that compose plants back to their mineral state. 

“RockGrowth represents the evolution of my project “Absent Nature””, states Levy, “an investigation of the genetic intimacy, bio-mimicry and patterns of nature alongside the social codes and rational understanding of our environment.”

The inspiration for the art works comes, as Levy explains from “The impossible assumption – from a biological point of view – of planting a “Rock” (mineral) as a vegetal seed and observing, as a witness, its germinating  process and growth, taking part of an evolving nature within its genetic intimacy, contemplating the natural progress of growth, generate new landscapes of forms and scales.”

Arik Levy

Hong Kong Art Fair