Broached Commissions Sydney Launch

The NSW design community came out in force to support Broached Commissions; an annual international design collaboration that uses Australian history as inspiration for each new collection.

05 Dec 2011

The former Paramount Pictures Building at 80 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills in NSW was turned into a party venue for the launch of Broached Commission in Sydney on 10 November.

Artistic Director John McPhee and Creative Director Lou Weis welcomed people to the first instalment of Broached Commissions; Broached Colonial with enlightening dissertations on the project and the individual works. Explaining and dedicating the work to Australia’s brave forefathers, it was a delight to witness each of the six artist’s interpretations of that period and the guests interactions with each product.

Broached Designers Chen Lu, Trent Jansen, Adam Goodrum and Charles Wilson were all on hand to enjoy the design communities accolades.

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To watch the Artistic Director’s video introduction to Broached Commissions visit here.

Broached Commissions

Photography by Rafaela Pandolfini