Charcoal impressions by Mika Utzon Popov at Australian Galleries

Mika Utzon Popov takes Tokens from his encounters with untamed landscapes. By Hayley Davis

13 Jun 2012

In charcoal, Mika Utzon Popov delineates the vegetational growth of untamed landscapes, sometimes showing an uncanny resemblance to magnified hair shafts and follicles on a terrain of human skin.

Other works, that draw on the same observations, bear the qualities of a repeat print for textile design, where each plant-life texture bands naturally with the next to form a monochromatic surface: a gradient of light to heavy-handed markings. These freehand strokes come as a contrast to the vivid digital prints of Utson Popvo’s previously shown at Australian Galleries, Mrs. Popov, where Utzon Popov wide-eyedly blocks out the activity within the manmade world of Copenhagen’s Tivoli. For Tokens, Utzon Popov uses raw materials and a raw approach to describe the crux of the natural environment.

15 June – 8 July 2012

Australian Galleries, Glenmore Road, Sydney.