Contemporary Jewellery at Metalab

Metalab will showcase the finalists for the National Contemporary Jewellery Award, feature 28 pieces from some of Australia’s best contemporary jewellers

03 Oct 2012

A major highlight this year are Emma Fielden’s detailed brooches; consisting of silver and gold, they are simply titled ‘Drawings’. Emma’s brooches reveal an extraordinary process which involves engraving, flooding the engraving with gold, erasing the gold and then heat-treatment. These brooches capture Emma’s interest in hand graving, mark making and drawing. Emma’s signature style is highly regarded and has been exhibited regularly in Australia and abroad since 2007.

With a strong environmental message, Pennie Jagiello’s ‘De-Pendant’ has been made entirely from recycled materials. Comprised from electrical wire, aluminium cans, plastic bags, costume jewellery and fishing rope, Pennie’s necklace is something very precious that has been crafted from the waste thrown away by today’s society. Pennie has been creating jewellery solely from recycled materials for over 18 years. This piece continues to celebrate Pennie’s passion for Pacific adornment.

Tasmanian designer Emily Snadden will also exhibit two brooches by. Both pieces have been inspired by the Salmon Gum tree and explore the naturally occurring folds, creases and wrinkles of its bark. Emily’s ‘Limb Brooch’ features an 18ct yellow gold seed pod holding a large multi-faceted smoky quartz. This piece has been created through the technique of die forming, which involves using hand carved dies under a hydraulic press. Whilst showcasing a cutting edge manufacturing process, Limb Brooch is still connected to Emily’s love of the unique Tasmanian landscape.


The exhibition will be on display at Metalab gallery from the 4th – 27th October.