Design Hunter Guide: 5 ways to hibernate during winter

We’ve got the perfect antidote to the cold weather – read on for ways to stay warm, and indulge your inner, winter, Design Hunter

31 Jul 2014


1. Partake in hot drinks 5 ways to hibernate like a Design Hunter habitusliving

Pantone mugs available from

Drink copious amounts of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or hot toddies (for a grown up evening version) from your favourite mug. It will not only keep you cosy, but if you choose herbal tea, also hydrated. Whether your mug of choice is nostalgic, a contemporary pattern or a traditional classic, there’s something so soothing about sipping a hot drink through the cold and rainy days.

2. Invest in a designer fireplace

fireplace 5 ways to hibernate like a Design Hunter habitusliving

Gyrofocus 360º pivot fireplace, image via

Spend some time researching and money investing in a good-looking, energy-efficient fireplace. While a wood-burning or campfire is ideal – particularly if enjoyed on holiday – there are some beautiful standalone or integrated bioethanol designs that can instantly transform your interior into a winter haven. Check out Oblica and EcoSmart Fire for ideas – or go for the original 1968 pivoting design, the Gyrofocus.

3. Plan your summer holiday

hotel 5 ways to hibernate like a Design Hunter habitusliving

Plan an exotic, sunshine-filled holiday – the thought of an island escape could be just the thing to beat the winter blues. Luckily, there are a few choice sites out there that have done all the work so you can find Design Hunter accommodation on their recommendations. Check Mr & Mrs Smith, visit the newest addition to the Art Series Hotels portfolio in Adelaide, or check our very own projects section on Habitusliving for some Regional gems including the Raas Hotel in Jodhpur, Limes Hotel in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and the Hilton Hotel in Pattaya.

4. Get inspired

paola antonelli how to hibernate like a Design Hunter habitusliving

Paola Antonelli portrait by Meet the Media Guru via

With no fear of being distracted by sunny weather, impromptu barbecue gatherings and the like, you can devote a good portion of minutes (or hours if you tend to get carried away like us) on delving into creative and design ideas on the world wide web. TED is always a great source, the eloquent and charming Paola Antonelli a particular favourite and you could seriously lose an afternoon with the handy Design Giants or the Architectural Inspiration playlists.

5. Don’t hibernate

sydney indesign how to hibernate like a Design Hunter habitusliving

Yes, it’s cold and it’s winter, but if you meet Jack Frost head on you can take the sting out of him. Vivid Sydney is the perfect example of a winter festival with enough creativity and inspiration to get you outside. Following up is Sydney Design and Melbourne Indesign in August, which is packed full of creative installations, and the opportunity to discover the latest residential products and engage with the Melbourne Design Hunter community.