Design Hunter Q+A: Studio Pardon

With their home as their studio, their studio their home, the Studio Pardon, Lise and Ben, are a true Design Hunters. Here we talk teddy bears and pastry, not sitting and the DAA...

30 Sep 2014

Your name: Lise Podhorodecki & Benjamin Goad

What you do: Brand Identity / Artists

Your latest project:
Lise – Interior styling and branding for the 3 Little Pigs Restaurant / Wine Bar.
Ben – Brand identity for cycling component engineers. Start From Zero (SFZero).

Who are three people that inspire/excite you:

Lise –
1)  Gregory Crewdson.
2)  Erwan Tirilly.
3)  Benjamin Goad.

Ben –
1)  Bob Moog.
2)  Lise (the good looking half of studio pardon).
3)  Kazimir Malevich.

What is your favourite…

Car/bike/plane/boat model:
Lise – Renault Super 5.
Ben – My first car – 1965 Mini Cooper s / Bike: My first ‘real’ bike – Moongoose /Supergoose Circa ’85. Plane: Paper Boat: Kayak.

Chair model:
Lise – Not sure what it’s called but it’s in my bedroom.
Ben – I rarely sit.

Residential space:
Lise – Rushall Park.
Ben – Anything Robin Boyd (Childhood nostalgia).



Commercial space:
Lise – Les Galleries Lafayette, boulevard Hausmann, Paris.
Ben – National Gallery East Building, Washington, DC.

Decorative product:
Lise – Jean Prouvé Potence Wall Lamp.
Ben – Cuckoo clocks.

Functional product:
Lise – Jean Prouvé Potence Wall Lamp.
Ben – Aerosol paint.

Handmade good:
Lise – My Piou (Teddy bear from Les Oursons De Viviane hand made, Normandy, France).
Ben – Horsehair brushes.


Mass-produced good:
Lise – My Vegemite coffee cup.
Ben – Running shoes.

Lise – Confit de Canard.
Ben – Post surf pastry stop.

Lise – Chez Simone, Dinan, France.
Ben – Anything fresh Mex.

Lise – Cordial.
Ben – Mineral Water.

Lise – I was there once, it was awesome… I’d love to go back. I just can’t remember the name. I can’t remember much at all.
Ben – The Pub.

Item in your studio:
Lise – Our oversized coffee table.
Ben – Handmade hollow timber surfboard.

Piece of technology:
Lise – InDesign.
Ben – My Roland Juno 106.

Historical figure:
Lise – Charlemagne.
Ben – Konstantin Neborubov.
Studio Pardon - Habitus Living

Fictional character:
Lise – Olive Hoover.
Ben – R2D2.

Lise – Staring.
Ben – Agreeing.

Lise – Patience.
Ben – Ability to take control in potentially life threatening situations.

What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you?
Lise – The DAA (design addict anonymous).
Ben – Not waiting for inspiration to come to you.

Studio Pardon