Design Hunter™ Q+A with Anni Abbot

Annie Abbott of Habbot shoes shares her design favourites with Habitus Living.

05 Aug 2012

Your name: Annie Abbott

What you do: Designer of women’s footwear label, habbot.

Your latest project: My Latest collection for Spring Summer 2012 has just arrived from our shoemakers in Italy. We’ll be showcasing it in our first flagship store on High street in Armadale which is due to open 2nd week of September (that has been a project in itself!) I’ve almost finished the design specs for the next winter collection and due to head off again to Italy in October to work with our team for the sampling stage.

 Who are three people that inspire/excite you:

     1)  Christopher Bailey and his team. Each season a triumph of structure and shape.

     2)  Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs. I adore their work for its ingenious colour choices.

     3)  David Gray. Listening to his music stirs me up.

What is your favourite…

travel destination: Byron Bay

hotel/place to stay: The Scribe in Paris.

luxury goods company: Burberry (prorsum)

value for money company: Bunnings (especially their paint chip wall)

design classic: The brogue.

new design: the 4-wheel suitcase.

type of chair: Wegner plank chair.

meal: pizza margherita.

restaurant: last night it was ‘the woods’ of Windsor.

drink: prosecco mostly.

bar: rue bebelon

Item of clothing for…

Winter: possum socks

Summer: my black all-rounder Scanlan peddle-pushers.

artwork: a crowd photograph taken at our favourite music festival.

gallery/museum: Sophie Gannon’s.

book: Fashion makers, Fashion shapers. (Very reassuring).

item in your studio: my eraser

piece of technology: the Pantone Matching System (PMS)

fictional character: Wonka (Willy)

vice: late night television watching

virtue: I’m told it’s my staying power (in work and play).

What does the term ‘Design Hunter’™ mean to you? To open your mind to all possibilities in preparation for inspiration to strike … and being sufficiently organised to capture it when it does.