Design Hunter™ Q+A with Anthony Nader

Anthony Nader, founder of the hugely successful and highly respected RAW Salon, shares his Sydney-New York mix of Design favourites with Habitusliving

11 Mar 2013

Your name: Anthony Nader

What you do: Hair in all shapes and sizes – Editorial hairstylist and owner of RAW Salon

Your latest project: Working on Fall New York Fashion Week 2013

Who are three people that inspire/excite you:

     1)  Madonna

     2)  Steven Klein

     3)  My Husband, David Shaw

What is your favourite…

Car/bike/plane/boat model: The “Build your own Brompton” bike in the coral shade

Chair model: Silver Swiss ball at my desk

Residential space: The top floor of The Pierre on 5th Ave is a good start or a typical “Desert Modernism” house in Palm Springs will do

Commercial space: Comme des Garcon, Chelsea

Decorative product: Anything mid-20th Century

Functional product: I live in New Balance sneakers of varies array of colors wether in New York or Sydney

Handmade good: My hands for building and creating wigs and hair pieces for shoots

Mass-produced good: The iPhone of course

meal: My all time fave Chicken Quesadillas with a side of Guacamole from Tortilla Flats

restaurant: Extra Virgin, West Village

drink: White Sangria with lots of ice cubes

bar: The Top of The Standard Hotel, Meat Packing District

item in your studio: My huge inspiration board of images

piece of technology: iTunes

historical figure: Frank Lloyd Wright

fictional character: I keep praying The Kardashians are…

vice: Red Velvet cupcakes from Billy’s Bakery, Chelsea

virtue: To be only me and the best I can be

What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you? In regards to my line of work, there is always a need for the technical thought or execution behind the process to give the haircut/style longevity, even with the most simple hair shapes. Without the foundation.. there is no structure.