Design Hunter Q+A with Björn Rust

Bjorn Rust is a designer and creator, part of the Quench Collective, and was recently featured in Jason Bird's book 'High Tide' chronicling the last decade of Queensland design.

21 Aug 2013

Your name: Björn Rust

What you do: I design, develop, share ideas and captures images –

Your latest project: Hightide

Who are three people that inspire/excite you:

1) Dieter Rams
2) Yves Béhar
3) Jonathan Ive

What is your favourite…

Car/bike/plane/boat model: Porsche 550, Something custom built (I am assuming push-bike), Lockheed SR-71, AC72.

Chair model: Chair One by Konstantin Grcic.

Residential space: Azuma House by Tadao Ando.

Commercial space: Sfera, Kyoto by CKR.

Decorative product:Juicy Salif by Philippe Starck.

Functional product: Leica M.

Handmade good: My bicycle.

Mass-produced good: iPhone.

meal: Degustation.

restaurant: Rakushokushu Maru, Tokyo.

drink: Coffee (filtered).

bar: Hihou, Melbourne.

item in your studio: MacBook Air.

piece of technology: Internet.

historical figure: Albert Einstein.

fictional character: Rick Deckard.

vice: Design.

virtue: Persistence.

What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you? Informed and on trend with a sensitivity for design.