Design Hunter Q+A with Copper Industrial Design

Hot on the heels of their win at the Temple & Webster Emerging Designer Award, we catch up with Viktor Legin and Edward Linacre of Copper Industrial Design to hear about their candid, down-to-earth, and often humorous design favourites.

28 May 2014

Your name: Viktor Legin and Edward Linacre of COPPER ID

What you do: Industrial/Product design, lighting/furniture/object design, installation design.

Your latest project: Additionally to our commercial and residential lighting projects we are working with Sussex Taps on a range of bathroom fixtures, and continuing our consultancy work including Medical Devices for MDI reaching market this year. We will also be releasing a new product of our own later in the year; the first we have truly designed together. Our new communal art/design/media hub we are building – Mycelium Studios – is taking shape and is an incubator for ideas.

Who are three people that inspire/excite you:

Vik – Nikola Tesla
Ed – Buckminster Fuller

What is your favourite…

Car/bike/plane/boat model: We both have strong feelings for our first cars:

Vik – Toyota Corolla 1978 KE35
Ed – second hand Toyota Tercel in Canada driven with snowboards strapped to the roof.

Chair model:

Vik – Eames Aluminium group executive chair

Residential space: The recent Swinburne Avenue house by Doherty Design Studio and Rossetti architects. And our parent’s houses to escape the vortex of work.

Commercial space: MONA in Tasmania, and our own Mycelium Studios.

Decorative product:

Vik – My bonsai tree
Ed – Ross lovegrove Helix staircase

Functional product:

Vik – My Glasses
Ed – My Bike

Handmade good:

Vik – my handmade leather wallet
Ed – Stoneware lights – Adam Cornish

Mass-produced good:

Vik – Pioneer DJ Headphones
Ed – Leatherman


Vik – Slow cooked ribs and potatoes
Ed – Mum’s Roast


Vik – Meat and Wine Co
Ed – Meatballs and Wine


Ed and Vik – Andrew Tarlington’s Beer


Vik – Killing Time
Ed – The Yarra 

Item in your studio:

Vik – TLS desk Lamp
Ed – Terrarium

Piece of technology:

Vik – my Pioneer CDJ’s decks and mixer
Ed – Lasers, man

Fictional character:

Vik – Batman
Ed – Superwoman


Yes, in the workshop.


Vik – Do it once, do it right.
Ed – Make the most of every moment.

What does the term design hunter mean to you?
A spy with great taste in design.

Copper won the Temple & Webster Emerging Designer Award for 2014.