Design Hunter™ Q&A with Fleur Wood

By staying true to her own philosophy, Fleur Wood has become a successful Australian fashion designer and now, author.

16 Mar 2012

With a signature style that combines her love for vintage detailing with beautiful feminine colours and textiles, Fleur Wood’s strongest design influences come from the Far East. Having spent a two year sabbatical in India during her 20’s, during which time she designed ranges for the culture-preservation project of the Tibetan Exile Government, Fleur continues to weave remnants of this exotic culture into her collections. Here she talks with about some of her personal design favourites.

Your name:

Fleur Wood

What you do:

Fashion Designer and Author

Your latest project:

Having a baby!

What is your favourite…

travel destination


hotel/place to stay

Amangalla, Sri Lanka


Vanity Fair

luxury goods company


three people that inspire/excite you

1)  My husband Nick Bryant

2)  My Son Billy Bryant

3)  Anyone who uses their difficulties to make themselves a better person

design classic

60’s Mercedes Sport

new design


favourite type of chair

Vintage & Danish




Cranberry soda – I don’t drink alcohol


MCA Sydney


Adventures in Correspondentland by my husband Nick Bryant


Anything by Cy Twombly

creative philosophy

Do what you love

what does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you?

One needs to pursue design with passion and commitment

Fleur Wood