Design Hunter™ Q+A with Jacqui Thomas

As a member of the duo that founded Sooper Design, Jacqui Thomas has perfected the art of design hunting (and gathering). This week she shares a few of her favourite finds with us.

11 Sep 2012

Your name: Jacqui Thomas

What you do: I founded and ran a design and branding agency for 21 years and now I am a hunter & gatherer of Australian Objects of Design for Sooper Design, a company I co-founded with Anne Sherlock in 2012.

Your latest project: Sooper Design

Who are three people that inspire/excite you:

     1)  Marc Newson – awesome Australian Designer who can apply his thinking to just about anything

     2)  Brodie Neill

     3)  My son who has a creative soul and is exploring his passions and creativity in new environments as he emerges from secondary school into the the big wide world

What is your favourite…

travel destination: They’re poles apart but Paris and South East Asia. I love to spend an afternoon in Rodin’s garden with a baguette and a French vogue, but a recent stay on Gili Trawangan was a real treat and a total getaway. Bali Island, beyond the tourist muck is a great place to be relaxed, inspired and eat well. It has a great mix of traditional culture and the creativity of artisans and business people from all over the globe.

hotel/place to stay:  A tiny apartment in the Marais district of Paris or a beach hut overlooking an ocean somewhere warm.

luxury goods company: Sooper Design

value for money company: Sooper Design

design classic: The Bialetti stovetop espresso maker. I have 4 different sizes and the smallest one gets used several times a day and always goes with me when I go away.

new design: The Clover light by Tassie born, UK based Brodie Neill

type of chair: A comfortable one. Either that or the floor

meal: Number 27 at the local Thai takeaway with coconut rice.

restaurant: Fog

drink: Bubbles from Tassie – Clover Hill or 42º South

bar: On board the Barnstormer (Bavaria 42 match yacht) after a day of racing.

Item of clothing for…

Winter: A pair of pink fluffy bunny ear muffs that I bought in Hanoi

Summer: a sarong

artwork: “A few things fundamental”, a bronze sculpture by David Owen Tucker that I bought in 1992. It reminds me every day of the simple things in life and makes me smile.

artist: At this moment Mauro Palmieri, an incredibly talented Melbourne photographer who’s creating my portrait for me.

gallery/museumQdos in Lorne. The sculpture garden is where I sit and dream and plan. I always leave there feeling so alive.

book: An interiors or architecture picture book

item in your studio: My desktop screen saver because I can change it to whatever pleases or inspires me at the time.

piece of technology: I can’t say I’m in love with technology but would find it hard to live without my Apple products and a decent internet connection

historical figure: Is Audrey Hepburn historical enough?

fictional character: The Mad Hatter

vice: Too, too many of those

virtue: hmmmm! Is humility a virtue?

What does the term ‘Design Hunter’ mean to you?

A Design Hunter is someone who seeks to enhance their existence through the presence of good design.