‘Into The Deep’ at Butler Goode Gallery

Claire Layman continues her exploration "Into the Deep" by presenting a collection of paintings influenced by the hidden textures in water and rocks

30 Oct 2012

Claire Layman depicts multi-layered marble like surfaces which shows a myriad of colours, three dimensional textures and light reflecting surfaces, all beneath a beautifully polished resin surface.


Unlike traditional painting techniques the secret iridescent textures of Claire Layman’s art is to be discovered beneath the surface, rather than upon it, enticing the viewer to look deeper.


Claire’s work is heavily influenced by natural elements such as Water, Fire, Air and Stone. Her paintings have a unique three-dimensional quality to them and although their slick resin finish gives the viewer the impression of a perfectly smooth surface, upon closer inspection the paintings reveal light reflecting multi-layered textures below the surface, much like rock formations found naturally in nature.

Human Spirit

(top image: King Tide)

The exhibition runs from the 1st to the 18th of November at Butler Goode Gallery.