‘Jet Set’ at Metro Gallery

Known for his constant global travels, his social and politically charged messages, ABOVE returns to Melbourne in July to present his solo show titled 'Jet Set' - an exhibition of new works at Metro Gallery

04 Jul 2012

Inspired by over a decade of non-stop transient existence, ‘Jet Set’ will showcase the 10 cities that have most impacted ABOVE’s life and work over 10 years: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, London, Rome, Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. 

“I’ve lived a transient life since I moved from San Francisco to Paris at 19, moving from place to place with just a pocket full of ambition. I’ve not been in any given location during the past 10 years for more than 3 months before venturing off to my next challenging city and adventure that awaits me.  Each of the 10 cities I have chosen have shaped me in some fundamental way and impacted me as an artist and person so with each artwork I’m going to channel those emotions and experiences into each relative cities piece. My goal with the Jet Set exhibition is to transport you to each city the way I have experienced it.” ABOVE said.
ABOVE is widely recognised for his full colour figurative stencils, wooden ‘arrow mobile’ installations and large social-political word play paintings.
Deliberately choosing to conceal his identity, the often controversial work of prolific and established street artist ABOVE can be seen in over 90 cities in more than 60 countries across the globe.
Jet Set runs from 4 to 14 July.
Metro Gallery