A Conversation with Greg Hatton

Featured in issue 10 of Habitus magazine, Greg Hatton is the MacGyver of design. Find out the secrets to his success and passion with our 6th Conversation Series event in Melbourne

26 May 2011

In issue 10 of Habitus magazine we were introduced to Greg Hatton, who creates his unique furniture pieces from found and recycled timbers.



His work features a rawness of materials and form, an earthiness that harks back to simpler times.


Hatton is also a landscape designer and an environmental expert, so his skills and passion for working with nature are broad and exciting.


Read the full story in our snippet from the magazine here:


Greg will be speaking to a small group of Habitus readers on 8 June 2011 at the new Corporate Culture and Cult. showroom in Melbourne. If you’d like to be among them, click the button below to buy your tickets before 2 June.


Greg Hatton