Sara Thorn and Piero Gesualdi

Meet Piero Gesualdi (yes, the owner of that house in Habitus 08) and Sara Thorn, who bring their creative passions together to create textiles and interior products

24 Aug 2010

You can see Piero Gesualdi’s home in Habitus issue 08.


What are your individual creative approaches/aesthetics?

Sara: Creativity to me is an innate
gift, which I express through my love of colour and ideas. I enjoy spontaneous
inspiration, where something inspires me and a million ideas pop out, I allow ideas
to evolve before I think too much about them and then go back and work on and
develop an idea/design, trawling through historical and traditional references
often inspire me further

My aesthetics are wide and varied, I gravitate towards the individual
self expression, the artisanal and the quirky, I admire designers such as Paul
Poiret and Christian Lacroix that fuse traditions with a personal sense of
opulent and decorative style. I can appreciate anything that has been created
with love and passion.





Piero: I am fascinated by scale, proportions and how that works back to a
human scale. I like to work with monochromatic, neutral and monotone colour
palettes so as to bring out the form. I like juxtapositions such as
Decadent/refined, bold design and materials that seduce the senses.


What do you find inspiring?

I find everything inspiring, beauty, the sacred and precious in life, symbols and

Beauty inspires me; currently
jewels and their cuts fascinate me, ancient cultures and the way that design
incorporated natural elements and veneration of the divine.

Piero: Nature inspires me,
environments, elegance, the refined and minimall, where the essential nature of
a design is bought forward. Solitude, cinema, music and of course Italy, my
birth place.


Where are your five favorite
spots/shops/design locations in Melbourne?

Favorite spots:

Sara: Sitting and looking at
Mythological fountain sculptures around Melbourne’s inner city parks left over
from the Victorian era

Piero: Visiting Victoria market and having pizza at Doc & Ladro in Carlton



Sara: Husk – Various outlets across

Amor y Locura – Gertrude
Street, Fitzroy

Graham Geddes – Armadale

– Brunswick st, Fitzroy

Piero: Newtown café

Gertrude, Smith,
Johnston, Brunswick streets, the whole block


Bunning’s & IKEA


Design locations

Sara: I like the
renovation of the NGV by Mario
Bellini and
lying down on my back looking at the patterns in the stained glass ceiling.