Shifting the showroom experience through collaboration

Collaborations are exciting and inspiring. Seeing two (or more) minds band together to create something new and unexpected makes us look on in awe, sparking the creative parts in all of us. This year, at Melbourne Indesign The Project was embraced with wholehearted enthusiasm. Entering a showroom meant being overwhelmed with surprise, excitement, joy and the urge to Instagram – right away! And the common element among all involved was collaborative engagement.

05 Sep 2014


The role of the exhibition stand and showroom space is no longer purely focused around showcasing product for sale. In a day and age where we can browse, shop and specify online, showrooms offer up the perfect opportunity for staging inspiring, collaborative activities such as The Project.

Café Culture + Insitu with DKO Architecture and Hot Black


Coco Republic with Greg Natale and Sony DADC


Cosentino Australia with The Writers Bench

From pop-up installations that were all about texture, colour, look and feel, right through to experimental product investigations, The Project teased out ideas and talking points around the 2014 Project theme, Inception.


Artedomus with Studio You Me and Thomas Coward


Arthur G and The Selvedge Group with Bruce Henderson Architects


Business Interiors by Staples with ZWEI

It was with pure excitement that visitors walked through, around, under and into Project installations which at times took over an entire space. Many brands revealed the more textural and detailed side of their products through interactive activities that invited customers to get up close and playful with materials, forms, shapes and more.

Apato with Group GSA


Archilux with Cezary Stulgis


Eastern Commercial Furniture with Baldasso Cortese


Interface with Loop Creative


Interstudio with Zunica Design


Monier Roofing with MAKE Architecture


PGH Bricks & Pavers with Splinter Society Architecture


Reece Bathrooms with 6 Hats


Signature Floorconcepts with Geyer


Smeg with SJB Architects


Stylecraft with Super Tectonics


Zuster with Eades&Bergman and Nexus Designs

Which was your favourite Project collaboration? You can vote in the People’s Choice Award here.

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