Stalking Flora

The Planthunter, a new online magazine, celebrates our everyday encounters with plant life.

05 Dec 2013

For founder/editor and self-titled ‘Plant-woman’ Georgina Reid, the goal is to increasing our awareness of these encounters. Her vision is to offer the readership something special and to stimulate discussion of the value of plants


Georgina has a knack for bringing likeminded people together, evident at the eclectic crowd present for the launch of The Planthunter, held on a charming rooftop location in Newtown where guests were fed and watered with local produce and drinks.


Articles are intelligent and informative, but with a left of centre tilt that is conversational and accessible. Weird and intriguing plant-related-content includes ‘How to Kill Plants’, ‘Pretty Girls Make Good Fertilizer’, ‘Lovely Dead Crap’, and ‘Fractured Flora’.


The Planthunter fills a niche market not yet explored, with the further appeal that the website is not just for plant experts, but also for the novice and wider community who may not have realised how much they love plants. It really does make you stop, click, pause, and smell the cyber-roses!


With Issue two fresh in inboxes, the Planthunter is off to a blossoming start, creating a community of dabbling green thumbs, and we look forward to an illustrious career of botanical pursuit.

The Planthunter