Contributors -

Alice Blackwood

Alice Blackwood was editor of Design Quarterly until January, 2013. She found her love of design and writing “somewhere between childhood pottery classes and high school English assignments”.

Ashley Hannah Tucker

Ashley is passionate about supporting the work of Australian designers and creatives and sharing it with the world.

Janice Seow

Janice Seow has spent much of her career writing and breathing design and is currently the editor of

Darlene Smyth

Canadian-born and Singapore-based Darlene Smyth is broadly skilled, having studied communications, environmental design and architecture.

Andrea Stevens

After a ten-year stint as an architect, Andrea moved into digital media and architectural publishing to pursue design and creativity at a different scale. She is completing her third book manuscript and, in addition to writing for Habitus and Indesign, follows her passion in content and editorial strategy.

Jane Burton Taylor

Jane has been working as a journalist since 2001 and is one of Sydney’s best-known design and architectural writers.

Elisha Buttler

Alicia Sciberras is currently the Assistant Editor of Indesign magazine.

Alicia Sciberras

Alicia Sciberras is currently the Assistant Editor of Indesign magazine.


Ben G Morgan

Ben has been about design, architecture and the creative community for over 5 years now and was the founding editor of back in 2010.


Elana Castle

Elana Castle is a South African architect, writer and photographer based in Sydney.

Belinda Aucott

Belinda Aucott is a journalist and media consultant with over 10 years of experience.

Wynn A Bay

Wynn practiced architecture professionally in Christchurch and London, with a wide band of experience spanning from education block to prison block, and hospitality projects.

Linda Cheng

Linda Cheng is a word nerd with a particular fondness for anagrams, acronyms and alliteration. She is former editorial assistant of Habitus Magazine (issues 9-15).

Stephanie Madison

Stephanie Madison is a former newspaper feature writer and Brisbane-Queensland correspondent for Indesignlive turned freelancer-consultant.

Lieu Thi Pham

Lieu is a freelance Melbourne journalist with nine years experience working in print publishing, online media and film.

Nicky Lobo

Nicky Lobo is Deputy Editor of Habitus magazine. She has worked on the magazine since it’s launch and loves the continual crafting of its direction and the content in each issue.

Adele Chong

Born in Malaysia and raised in Canada, Adele Chong has been living out of a suitcase for as long as she can remember.

Lee Suckling

Lee Suckling has lived and worked across the globe and been published in 60+ magazines, including titles Monocle, Harper’s Bazaar, House & Garden, Belle, Home Beautiful and Inside Out.

Philippa Daly

Philippa Daly is the Editorial Assistant of Habitus and Indesign Magazine. Philippa’s previous experience in television has given her an understanding of the public face of the publications she works across.

Mandi Keighran

Mandi Keighran is a design and travel writer and editor based in London. She is currently Editor-at-large for Indesign and Deputy Editor of N by Norwegian magazine. She has previously worked as Editor of Indesign and Design Editor for ICON magazine.