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Habitus Issue 23

habitus issue 23

Dive into Habitus 23, a fresh and thoughtful look on living in design. Join our feasting table, where we focus on the social and playful elements of dining, in a setting that could have been painted by a Dutch master. Meet Archibald award-finalist, James Powditch in his inner city home, fashion icon Jenny Kee and Thai businesswoman Korakot Srivakorn. We also visit a special project that brings together architecture, social responsibility and the culture of the indigenous Orang Asli people in Malaysia.

Then discover a young architect’s version of Mies van der Rohe’s Modernist Pavilion, and another floating pavilion-style structure inspired by Regional design. Head to Malaysia to see how an international couple have made a ‘spec house’ their own and to Hawaii to see how Pete Bossley has translated his signature approach into a new landscape and climate. Lastly, an apartment in Bronte by Tribe Studio Architects shows that good things come in small packages.

All of this, plus a special feature showing innovative ways to use space, texture and the element of surprise in the humble bathroom. And we discover the pearly passion of one of Australia’s most successful family brands – Paspaley.