The new Cult. website

We’ve got a hot tip… another fantastic resource for Design Hunters™ looking to connect with the latest local and international furniture brands

07 Jan 2008

access to the latest, most amazing furniture from overseas and at home
is a luxury we have not always had in our corner of the globe. Well,
that has obviously changed in recent years and it’s exciting to see some
of the biggest brands and designers making their way to the Region.

Since launching Cult. around
a year ago Corporate Culture have been bringing their great range of
furniture to the residential market. It’s always amazing to wander
around showrooms, touch and feel the designs – and Corporate Culture
give you the opportunity with their dedicated showrooms in Sydney,
Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland – but it’s equally important that we
Design Hunters™ can get what we need online.

That’s where the new Cult. website comes
in – featuring their full range of products. You can browse by brand,
designer or category. By logging in you can save your favourite products
(let’s call it a wish list!) and come back to them later. You can also
share links to the products and download PDF brochures.




Head over and check out what’s on offer from Cult. or flip through the current issue of Cult. magazine below: