Rogerseller’s ‘Find a Builder’

Rogerseller has launched 'Find a Builder', a program designed to make it easier for clients to select a suitably skilled builder who has the know-how and experience to install innovative bathroom product

10 Jul 1992

Relaxing and rejuvenating at home has never been more important.  The bathroom in particular has become a much-needed refuge away from the bustle of daily life – transcending basic cleaning functions to evolve the space into a luxury wellbeing retreat.

“What was previously a stark ceramic wet area is now embellished with design pieces, soft furnishings and feature lighting – and is becoming more integrated with living area furnishings,” says Rebeca Park, Marketing Manager at Rogerseller.

“In the quest to create a very personalised space, we’re finding that more people are investing in their bathrooms, are enjoying direct involvement in product selection and in the layout of the space.”

In line with these trends “there’s a growing cohort of design aware consumers, confident in designing their own bathroom and opting to work directly with a builder,” Rebeca says.

“It’s one thing to select quality bathroom product, but it’s equally important to select a builder that you can feel confident in to deliver a quality installation,” Rebeca cautions.

Rogerseller’s ‘Find a Builder’ program aims to address regular customer inquiry seeking the services of a skilled builder, for a bathroom renovation. The idea behind the program is to provide consumers with a selection of builders in their local area who are experienced in Rogerseller products.

To begin creating your designer bathroom, further information about ‘Find a Builder’ can be found here, or you can speak with a design consultant at your local Rogerseller showroom.