The Firmship 42

What boating was always meant to be – Studio Job and Willem Nieland have created a classic boat with unobtrusive, at times humorous, design touches

20 Apr 2011

There have been some pretty ridiculous yachts around lately, things so far removed from the joy of the sea that they enter a realm of science fiction, rather than anything attainable.


So it’s nice to see a boat that echoes traditional seafaring designs. This 42-footer – a collaboration between Belgium-based designers Studio Job and boat designer Willem Nieland – features a palette of grey and timber.








Despite presenting quite a simple aesthetic, there are touches throughout the boat which give personality and reveal the playful nature associated with Studio Job. From the upholstery of the seating inside – with iconic symbols of boating such as skulls and crossbones, anchors and Moby Dick – to a beautiful stained glass window. Their craftsmanship is also evident in the beautiful door handles and bronze bell.




The Firmship 42 can be yours for € 329,000 – finally, a boat that costs less than an average house.