Jelly Bean Bikes

Bikes inspired by popular sweets, your options are unlimited – you'll be like a kid in a candy store

15 Apr 2010

With bikes becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport, it’s natural that you’d want it to be an extension of your personality.

Jelly Bean Bikes have taken this idea and introduced a bike range where the customer selects the colour of the frame, rims, chain, seat, handgrips, pedals and even the tyres.

You can celebrate Italian culture by riding through Lygon St. in Melbourne with a green frame, red tyres and a white bike chain, cruise through Kings Cross in Sydney in a gangster-inspired black frame with white tyres, or take on Saigon in sky blue and orange.

The single-geared bikes can be ordered online and are available in two sizes.

With the ability to customise your own set of wheels, a Jelly Bean Bike will give you that extra sense of style on your way to work or a Sunday afternoon drink, but apart from anything else, it’s a little bit of fun.

Jelly Bean Bikes