Range Rover Evoque

The newest addition to the Land Rover stable is sure to ‘evoque’ a reaction

16 Jun 2011

If you’ve been down to the Sydney Opera House lately you’ve likely seen the blue wireframe that resembles a 4-wheel drive.



Following their partnership with the Opera House, Range Rover installed the life-size model of their latest car design to get the buzz started.

The new Range Rover Evoque is an evolution for a brand that has been well known in the luxury car market for some time, taking its cue from and continuing the language of the Range Rover Coupé.


The same size as the original, the new Evoque pulls from the LRX concept car design. As Land Rover Design Director Gerry McGovern explains: "We set out to give the 5-Door Range Rover Evoque the same strong emotional appeal as the coupé, while offering the superior versatility of a family vehicle.


“The key lines remain intact – the dramatic rising beltline, muscular shoulder running the length of the car, and the distinctive taper to the floating roofline – but with a slightly higher rear roof.”

The Evoque’s interior features clean surfaces, including flush treatment of the air vents, while the instrument cluster “enhances the sporting, premium feel of the interior”.


"The luxurious, contemporary feel to the cabin is the perfect complement to the concept car exterior. The exquisite materials and craftsmanship, and the pure, elegant design, tell you that this is a true Range Rover interior,” explains McGovern.


As part of the promotion of the new model, Land Rover have launched the ‘Pulse of the City’ campaign, featuring cultural figures from cities around the world, talking about their city and their ultimate journey’s. It’s a fun way to explore the car and the world’s cities.


There’s also an iPhone and Android App for your phone. Head over to the microsite for more info on the car and the campaign.


Range Rover Evoque