New devices that get music moving have just come to market thanks to Bose and Vita Audio. 

13 Oct 2011

Long before the cassette player or boom box, transistor radios ruled the world. 

But since portable music became dominated by i-phones and i-pods, lots of us have become accustomed to shutting out the world in some sort of alienated bliss.

But wait, portable music might be having a revival, thanks to new products from tech-savvy Vita Audio  & Bose. 

Moving music is once again on the agenda with the battery operated Vita Audio RI range of tiny box radio and the Bose SoundLink® wireless speaker. Whether you are visiting the park, watching the cricket or relaxing at the beach you can now get your music moving. The Vita Audio comes with complete with handles for BackPack and CarryPack mobility. While the Vita Radio R1 range (pictured) is completely portable and comes in a range of style, and finishes. Or dress up your outfit with a smartly leather bound BOSE Soundlink Wireless Speaker. Music is moving once again. Bose has introduced the SoundLink® so that the music from any smartphone or tablet can be streamed at the touch of a button. 

The VR 1 range starts at a RRP of $399 for the R1 walnut (pictured above) and $450 for the gloss white, black or limited edition yellow.The BOSE Soundlink Wireless Speaker (with leather cover) retails for $499.

Vita Audio