Oh Boyd! New Designs By An Australian Architecture Legend

Because we can never get enough authentic Mid Century, KFive and the Boyd Foundation have launched the Boyd furniture collection, Melbourne-made and designed by the Robin Boyd himself.

24 May 2017

The iconic Walsh Street House has surely seen its share of convivial occasions, and this week, it formed an ideal setting for the launch of exclusive new works by its master architect, Robin Boyd.

Upon arrival, guests were welcomed into a sitting room decked out in vibrantly upholstered Boyd Collection lounges. In an age where everything old is new again, the furniture, made to Boyd’s exact specifications, projects a uniquely timeless sensibility.

The Boyd Collection includes a generous single seat, which comes in a lounge form, as well as a dining and coffee table, both inlaid with tactile cork tile. The range is made from Australian hardwoods and Australian wool fabrics, lending a truly local appeal.

Alongside original pieces by his contemporaries, Featherston and Snelling, Boyd’s newly-launched pieces appear completely at home. Of course, in every sense, they are.

Presented by KFive and the Boyd Foundation, with Boyd’s granddaughter in attendance, the evening unfolded in an enlightening conversational tour through the architect’s enduringly influential body of work.

Decked in masses of native Australian flowers and superbly catered by the able team at Cutler & Co., the occasion was carefully crafted to reflect the importance of locality, in homage to one of our nation’s most brilliant creative talents.

Words by Sandra Tan

Robyn Boyd KFive sofa armchair

Robyn Boyd KFive sofa armchair

Robyn Boyd KFive armchair

Robyn Boyd KFive