Discover the timeless Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range

Contemporary style meets best in class technology to instantly transform water into three irresistible forms.

14 Jun 2017 —   Sponsored

Zip are proud to have perfected the sleek design of the Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range. Now available in 8 premium finishes, it truly is a stylish and aesthetically-pleasing addition to any home. The striking array of premium finishes include rose gold, brushed rose gold, gold, brushed gold, platinum, gunmetal, brushed nickel and nickel – there’s more than enough options to fit every space, from traditional to contemporary.

Combining stylish design with advanced technology, the Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range gives you instant irresistible boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water.

Not only is the Zip HydroTap a stunning addition to your kitchen, it is also a smart one. As innovative as it is elegant, the Zip HydropTap’s pioneering technology helps safeguard you and your family. MicroPurity™ water filtration, refined over the decades, produces crystal clear and pure tasting water, free from odours and contamination. Zip expertly removes sediment, volatile organic compounds, lead and parasitic microorganisms greater than 0.2 microns, ensuring you are drinking water in a healthy form.

While the award-winning Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range is a beautiful centerpiece to your kitchen, it is also perfectly practical. Zip are proud to deliver perfect boiling water in an instant, thanks to our patented PowerPulse™ technology – the most efficient method to heat and maintain set boiling water temperature. The Zip HydroTap ensures you have instant and energy efficient boiling water at the touch of a button, a welcome means of saving time for those with a busy lifestyle.

Ensure your home is always equipped with instant and irresistible boiling, chilled and delicious lightly sparkling filtered water with the Zip HydroTap Platinum Design Range.

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