Graze and Provisions in Singapore

A new restaurant and retail store at Roberston Quay's Martin No. 38, by Australian-based design firm Hecker Guthrie and Yenn Wong of Epicure

28 Jul 2011

Back in 2006, restaurateur and head of Epicure, Yenn Wong opened Graze in Rochester Park. The response was so great that it was a no-brainer they should open another. So, with the design expertise of Hecker Guthrie, Yenn has opened the new Graze restaurant and Provisions retail store at Martin No. 38 in Singapore.


Graze features the culinary stylings of Australian chef, Chris Donellan, serving a menu of Modern Australian dishes to Singapore diners. Donellan’s food continually pushes the boundaries of creativity, so the interiors had to match.



This uniqueness can be seen in design elements such as the “quirky chair wall display”, the giant vintage coffee pot and the creative wall displays of custom hand-painted plates in the Plate Room.


“We are passionate about creating an exceptional dining experience beyond good food. This is exactly what we did with Graze at Rochester Park, and now Graze at Martin No. 38,” says Yenn Wong.

“Interior design has always played an extremely important role in all of our projects as we feel very strongly about creating the right ambience to deliver a multi-sensory experience for our diners – one of the reasons we are constantly on the lookout for unique designers like Hecker Guthrie, who think out of the box.”



The close relationship with Hamish Guthrie and Paul Hecker has resulted in a casual, yet elegant restaurant environment at Graze, translating well to the design of the Provisions retail store – which provides the best, freshest ingredients for locals to create their own delicious food.

Both establishments, along with Kha at Martin No. 38, join the trendy residential enclave of Roberston Quay, which is popular for its book cafés, art galleries and “bistros of hip bohemian vibes”.


“Both Hamish and myself thoroughly enjoyed the entire design process of Graze and Provisions,” says Paul Hecker.

“The process with Epicure was one of collaboration and enthusiasm. We particularly appreciated the opportunity to deliver a refreshing dining concept that allowed us to be creative with the use of humour, palette and special planning and not being restrained by seating capacities or a briefing requirement.”

Graze is already popular with the locals as well as the expatriates in the neighborhood and is especially liked for its weekend. If you’re in the area, this one’s definitely worth dropping in to.


Graze at Martin no. 38