New Melbourne bar Little Red Pocket blurs traditional and modern tastes for downright clever results. Lisa Kappel finds out more

05 Aug 2011


Japan, both old and new, is well represented at new Melbourne hotspot Little Red Pocket. 

Opening its doors on July 27 and designed by 3iii, the bar is decked out with sumptuous red fabrics, polished concrete and dark timber furniture that transports visitors to the calm serenity of traditional Japanese sake houses.



But sit down to order and instantly diners are reminded of the cities of new Japan – technologically dizzying and forever moving at quickened pace. 

This thanks to the new iPad2 ordering system that eliminates the need to wait in queues to place an order. 




Owner Andrew Hiew explains, “Japan is known for its creativity, uniqueness and also its technology. We are the very first Australian venue to incorporate iPad2’s as a system of ordering.”

Long gone are the days of incorrect drinks being delivered to misheard customers, or raspy voices the morning after a night of screaming orders over blaring music. 



Instead, customers simply browse the menu and specify orders on the iPad2 (able to make modifications as specific as preferred drink garnishes) and pay for meals by swiping their credit cards on the clever contraption. 

While both old and new Japan contain intrigue and beauty, it’s clear that the real fun lies in their meeting point. 



Little Red Pocket